We need another reality show like we need a hole in our heads. This one seems like it might be a little more interesting than the others. Someone came up with the brilliant idea to create a reality show called Candy Girls which shows the life of video girls. Here are some words from the press release:

To add more chaos to this competitive world, the stage keeps changing. Now that every aspect of a superstar’s life defines their image, the casting process goes far beyond the traditional video set. Musicians need to live their image and that includes surrounding themselves at all times with the beautiful women who are often featured in their videos. However, like runway models, these women know they need to get in early and make their money fast before time takes away the looks that make them so successful. To survive in this fleeting and mysterious world, you need to be much more than eye candy…you need to be a “Candy Girl.” E! gives viewers a never-before-seen look inside the explosive and sexy world of some of the most successful and desirable hip hop video divas and uncovers just how cutthroat and competitive their lives really are.


Check out the below clip which shows the candy girls flying private…

Check out the candy girls bios:


April has worked as a professional celebrity stylist who has hustled her way to the top during her ten years in the industry, styling more than 100 music videos for such big names as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Bow-Wow. She is a single mother, raising a son she had with model Tyson Beckford and must juggle that role with her successful job in the industry. As the self-proclaimed “token white girl,” she is Danielle’s eyes and ears when Danielle can’t be around.


Blanca, sweet, innocent and a little bit ditzy, is new to Los Angeles and the industry, but don’t let that first impression fool you. When it comes to her life and career, she can be a loose canon, and she and Danielle almost came to blows over a recent “misunderstanding.”


Brooke, the self-proclaimed diva of the group and the ultimate hustler in the game. She is sexy and confident and makes sure everyone knows not to mess with her. However, she understands exactly how valuable her time and beauty is and will find a way to be sure she is set for the future, possibly by one of the many men who are always chasing her.


Danielle has built her company “Bella” into one of the premiere talent agencies for the music industry’s casting needs. Every woman who wants to break into this industry knows Danielle is the best in the business and holds the key to the biggest jobs.


Kysha, Danielle’s best friend and assistant, whose newness to the industry often leads her to getting played by the game. Danielle has taken her under her wing and works overtime to teach her the system, but Kysha’s new romantic relationship is starting to affect her performance at work and could create problems between her and her boss.


Olivia, the daughter of music legend Booker T. Jones, consistently finds herself the target of jealousy among the other girls because of her committed boyfriend, MBA classes and rich-girl background. She has proven that people don’t need to be from the hood to know how to hustle in this game, having locked in jobs with superstars like Usher and Nick Cannon. As the youngest in the group, Olivia also serves as a constant reminder to the other women that life as a Candy Girl has a clock on it.


If Terricka has something to say, look out. Feisty and outspoken, she isn’t afraid to let everyone know that she has always been destined for success in this industry. That confidence has gotten her jobs in some of the hottest videos with the likes of Keyshia Cole, Jay Z and Will Smith. She’s also a single mother who will take jobs the other women won’t and will even break the rules of the company to secure the money she needs.

Debuts Sunday, March 8 at 10:30/9:30c

Will you be watching?

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