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Catch em Cheating by the Art of Spying

Ladies, finally an answer to all your problems. Is that no good suckka cheatin??? Thanks to them boyz at the Queens Spy Shop we can sleep better knowing our answers will be solved.

The Spy Shop offers many gadgets to catch the dirty dog.

-GPS Tracking: Throw a portable tracking device in the trunk glove compartment or under the seat and see where his but is in real time….. like right now!! You can even use a heavy duty magnet in case you have to mount under the car. $279 for the tracker $479 for the real time

-Spoof Card: Its a calling card that allows you to call him and alter the number that appears on his caller I.D $12

-Liar Card: Call him with this calling card and the the voice analyst will let you know if he is lying. Really works! $10

-Hidden Cameras: The Queens Spy Shop specializes in a wide variety of hidden cams, nanny cams, wireless cams and the new cameras record to itself. Yep, no wires!

-Pen Recorder: My favorite. Its a pen but has the ability to record up to 36 hours of crystal clear audio. You throw the pen in his ride, coat pocket, draw or by his Playstation and when you retrieve your pen later….Bam! 36 hours of his but talking dirt to his boys, his momma or worse yet, his mistress! $249

-Lock Picking: You can learn from the books they have and buy the supplies to do it. $100

Weather its pepper spray, stun guns, hidden safes, drug test kits, urine cleansers, diversion safes, portable video recorder or just some advice or whatever your situation is, Queens Spy Shop has the tool for your mission. Its the #1 source for celebrities and executive.

Queens Spy Shop
98-05 Astoria Blvd
East Elmhurst, NY 11369


You can listen to the Hot97 Interview with this link:

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