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CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIED GROUPIE: Part 1, love is overrated…

As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…

Hi everybody, my name is Maria*. I am 25 years old and I am supposed to be happily married to Bernard*.
I love him dearly, and he’s actually like my best friend. But that’s the problem…he’s just like a friend to me now, not a husband. I was a good girl, I waited til we were married before we had sex. The chemistry was all there so I figured that sparks would fly on our wedding night. They didn’t and that was five years ago.
I was stupid enough to believe in all that ‘love at first sight’ bullsh*t, but what the f*ck did I know at 20?

Anyway you’re probably wondering what this all about aren’t you? Well I wanted to tell my story to somebody and Lynxx mentioned her new blog on BallerAlert to me; she said that since my life is so explosive…she would put it on the web. So here we are.

Let me tell you a bit about my life and my situation. My hubby Bernard is three years older than me at 28 and he is a high level personal security co-ordinator for a very famous NBA team. This is great and he makes a shed load of dough, the only problem is that he’s is on the road a lot. Even off season, he gets a lot of requests for work from some of the players, so that means even more time on my own.

So, after about a year of barely seeing my husband and the mediocre sex we had whenever I did see him, I decided to branch out. I used to look on Craigslist for casual encounters with men, you know nothing serious…just people who would be discreet; I don’t really recommend that to anyone now, because most of the guys on there are either weirdo or losers, trust me, I know.

One day, just when I started getting really desperate for some good lovin, one of my girls lets me in on a secret. A lot of these b-ballers (as you would have imagined) cheat behind their wives backs, but what’s worse, the wives cheat too! To cut a long story short, before long I got the hook up and met one night with a married baller that was stuck in a very unhappy marriage.

We went to dinner and of course Bernard was out of town. Incidentally, my baller’s wife was at her mama’s house with the kids for the weekend; so I was quite confident that we wouldn’t get caught.
I am going to refer to this baller as ‘A’ from now on, so you know who I’m talking about.

A and I talked for a while and we touched on a lot of things…including his wife. A described his wife as a cold bitch that he couldn’t stand anymore, but he didn’t want to divorce her because of financial reasons. Basically it was ‘cheaper to keep her’ as he put it. The small talk got a lil stale after an hour and I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the evening. Turns out that A had already booked us a hotel room for the night, so off we went.

We both knew what we wanted, so we quickly got naked; I’m not one to be coy about my body and A seemed to love that. He seemed to love my pretty pecan ass as well.
I guess I found him a little attractive too and obviously, since he was an athlete, the body was on point…now movin on to tha package. Until that night, the only live dyck I’d ever seen was Bernard’s and he is an average, borderline small size. A on the other hand, possessed a fat eight incher that was already standing to attention. I think he even caught me staring at it so he took my hand and made me touch it; he told me not to be afraid of it. How did he know that I was afraid?
At that point I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it…could I really cheat on my hubby so brazenly?
A didn’t even let me think about it for too long before he started to break me down.

He started by kissing my hand with light feathery kisses, then he kissed my arm all the way up to my neck. After that he pushed me down and got to working on my nipples. A was a master at foreplay, he could suck my titty and lick it with the very tip of his tongue at the same time. It was driving me crazy and just when I was getting really wet, he spread my legs apart with a rough hand and stuck his middle finger deep inside me. He kept digging his finger in and out as he kept on kissing my body; by now he’d moved down my torso to my tummy, sucking the skin a little then letting it go. Until then I didn’t know that my tummy was an erogenous zone; it felt so delicious being ravished from head to toe and just when I was about to lose control, A slipped on a rubber and entered me.

My eyes watered as his 8 inches filled my little p*ssy up to capacity; it actually stung for a few seconds but once we got a rhythm going, he blew my mind. How could I have missed out on good fu*kin’ like this for the majority of my twenties? I felt as if someone had been stealing my candy all that time, but never mind that for now, let’s get back to the sex. We were only doing missionary style and I could already feel him hitting the bottom real deep…I couldn’t help but to beg him to f*ck me harder and faster; even though Bernard had never got me there before, I knew that A would make me come.

He got on his knees and flipped my legs over his shoulders for even deeper penetration; I was bucking underneath him wildly so I could get mine with the quickness. A eventually shut it down when he turned me over and hit it doggie style; that was it, and within five minutes I was calling him daddy. That n*gga made me come so damn hard that I thought I was gonna pass out; not long after that, he came too and fell asleep on the bed.

I didn’t wait for him wake up; I took a quick shower and left to go home. I only have one rule in this game; never f*ck the same baller twice, so A will always be a happy memory. I ain’t trying to catch any feelings for no dude and I am supposed to be happily married after all! It’s okay, that was my attempt to have a little laugh at my own expense.

Oh, and you may be wondering after all this, you’re still young why don’t you just leave Bernard?
If only life was that simple; I am actually a practising Catholic so you see, I just can’t divorce him.
Life’s funny isn’t it…I remember when I used to love him so much.

Until next week ladies, I hope my life kept y’all entertained.

‘The married groupie’

Lady Lynxx: Did you guys enjoy that? I loved hearing her stories and it took me a while to get her to agree to this so look forward to the next instalment next Friday!


*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!

© Lady Lynxx 2008

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