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As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…

It’s so exciting shopping for baby clothes and stuff. Since passing my 12th week of pregnancy it was all starting to become very real. In six short months I would be a mommy and I’d never be just Maria or just somebody’s wife again. I would be a mother and I would have to be responsible enough to show the little ones a good example. It would be another three months before we would find out the baby’s sex, so I decided to hold out on buying most of the clothes until then. We still had a brand new home to furnish anyway and I was just getting used to the new neighbourhood.

As you’re probably gathered, Dalvin and I finally moved, and when we got to our new town I was just so happy and excited to be there. It was warm, sunny, friendly and peaceful. Just the right place to bring up a child. It would take Dalvin about an hour to get to his team’s stadium everyday but we didn’t mind. There were a few others from his new team that lived nearby and they’d all brought their wives to visit us and make us feel welcome. I missed La Princia terribly, but I was also determined to make the most of this new life.

Grand is one of the words that could be used to describe our new home…it was amazing to say the least. We had five bedrooms, four bathrooms, 3 living rooms, one dining room, and lots of outdoor space too. It was a dream for an interior designer to decorate, so needless to say I was in heaven. As well as preparing for our new baby, we also had to make sure that the house was ready buy the time that he or she was due to be born.

As time went by, I was getting less and less support from Dalvin. It was as if he felt like the fact that he had given me a huge budget was enough. Sooner or later I started to think that the move to the new team was something of a blessing and a curse.
Yes we had more money and essentially an opportunity that was the chance of a life time for most athletes, but my beautiful and attentive husband was becoming increasingly consumed by his work. I didn’t mind him coming home late every now and again…it was just the fact that he expected me to just accept it without questioning him. Things came to a head so a heart to heart talk was inevitable.

Maybe it was my hormones talking or just the stress of all that I had been taking on of late, but I just snapped one day while picking up some groceries in the rain. I called Dalvin and was of course greeted with the welcoming (that was sarcasm) sound his voicemail. I just about flipped out after the beep;

‘Okay Dalvin, it’s seven o’clock and I’m picking up our shopping on my own again…you’re not home on time again and I’m struggling out here in the rain! What do I need to do to get my husband back? What the hell is going on with you these days…baby I just need you to be home…I can’t do this all by myself!’

At that point I’d broken down in a flood of hysterical tears. After that I cut the telephone line and drove home in a huff. It was probably a little bit over the top, but what I’d said basically summed up what I had been feeling for the past few months. My belly was getting bigger by the day and having to organize people around our home, telling them where this is supposed to go and that is supposed to go was just too much on some days. I still wanted to be a good wife and have a meal waiting for Dalvin whenever he got home from work and keep the house in a decent state etc…
I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with it all.

He got back home before I arrived back from the store. As I pulled up to the front door he rushed over, opened the trunk and took the groceries into the house. At that point I was a little bit scared of what he was going to say next, because he was silent apart from a subdued hello. I told him that I needed to freshen up before talking to him and he shrugged and went to sit down in our main living room.

When I got back downstairs he was still sitting down and staring into space…it was now time to face the music and if I’m going to be honest with you all, my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I sat down on the couch facing him and we started to talk.

‘So what was that voicemail all about…you know I almost got stopped by the cops rushing home to be here and see what was up. Why didn’t you tell me all that stuff before?’ asked Dalvin

‘Well I been saying it, but you’ve not been paying attention honey…every time I want you to get involved in anything to do with the house lately you just blow me off with work. I know that you’ve gotta put in more effort with the new team and all…but I just feel like you’re not supporting me. And I’m not talking about financially either! Look I was probably overreacting when I left you that voicemail and I’m sorry for going off on you…it would just be nice for you to come home on time some days that’s all…’ I replied

Dalvin sighed loudly and looked into my eyes for a moment before he answered me;

‘Maria, I honestly didn’t think it was that hard on you…I guess I got too wrapped up in making a good impression with the coach. I don’t want you stressed at all, especially when you’re carrying our child. What about if I got an assistant for you? You know just someone to do all the day to day stuff while you concentrate on finishing off this place. I can’t guarantee you that I’m gonna be able to come home on time every night so that’s the best that I can do for now…please hold on for me honey, by next season I would have proven myself and I can fall back a little’

His pleading eyes made me feel really guilty for being so whiney. After all everything that he was doing was for me and the baby…married life was never perfect at the best of times so I decided to suck it up and be as supportive as I could. At the end of the day Dalvin loved me and that was all that mattered.

‘That’s a good idea sweetheart…I’ll start looking for one tomorrow. I’m sorry once again for flipping out on you, I’m just…I’m just used to you always being there for me and I panicked that’s all. We’re gonna be okay aren’t we?’

‘Of course we’re gonna be okay…come over here you silly woman and let me kiss you’

I walked over to his side of the room, but he met me half-way and grabbed my face. Tears of frustration and pain rolled down my face upon the realization that whatever I had been feeling over the past month or so could have been resolved much quicker if I’d only made my reservations clear. Dalvin kissed the tracks of my tears and told me to stop crying…his tender gesture only made me cry even more. I kept asking myself what I had done to deserve a man this good, let alone a life this good. Women that had lived the life that I’d led more often ended up washed up and alone. I was getting more than a second chance and I should have been a little more grateful for it.

Dalvin untied my robe and caressed my now five month gone belly. He laid me down on the rug and put a cushion under my head making sure that I was completely comfortable. After that, he gently parted my legs and entered me at an achingly slow speed. I wanted to beg him to go faster, but I knew that he was mindful of possibly hurting the baby (even though the docs said that this is highly unlikely) so he wouldn’t do so. At this point my body was so sensitive that the slightest touch would make me swoon with desire for him. His hair brushed on my breasts ever so lightly as he maintained a languid stroke…it was beautiful as it was serene. I looked into his eyes as he took me over the edge into a spine tingling orgasm; I wanted him to see what he was doing to me and how he was making me feel. I wanted him to feel how much I loved him.

We were going to be okay and Dalvin sure made life a hell of a lot easier for me from then on. In a month and we would find out if we were going to have a boy or a girl.
How exciting!

Until next week…

‘The married groupie’

Lady Lynxx: look forward to the next instalment next week!


*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!*

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