CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIED GROUPIE PART 27: Consideration…(completed!)

As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…


As my pregnancy took its toll on my body, Dalvin was having a hard time. I got really big towards the end of it and sex became basically impossible. We tried the recommended ‘spoons’ style, but as the baby (a girl…woo hoo!) kicked and moved around it was hard for me to get in the mood. My sex drive dipped tremendously and there were some nights that I didn’t even want him to touch me. At the same time became increasingly aware of the fact that Dalvin’s own sex drive hadn’t diminished one but and while he didn’t want to say it to me outright, I could tell that he was aching for a good fuck. After much internal thought and deliberation, I decided to let my hubby have a treat. As usual, I decided to mention if after he’d eaten good meal…

‘Sweetie I been thinking…’

‘About what? What’s on your mind?’

‘Well you know that we haven’t been able to get busy of late due to the baby, so I thought that you must be frustrated by now’

‘Umm…it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not for long anyway and I know that if you could possibly do it then you would. I understand Maria…’
‘But you didn’t say that you’re not frustrated’

‘Well I’m not gonna lie to you and say that my dick isn’t aching or something…but I think it’s more important that you know that I love you and sex isn’t all our marriage is about’

I sighed in amazement at my wonderful man; his sentiments only made me feel more encouraged to give him my gift.

‘So what would you think if I were to say that I want you to find a chick to sleep with while I watch…I mean on camera of course. It might be a little awkward with me sitting there in the room and all. I want you to quench your desire and be back to normal again…I know you’ve only been antsy because you ain’t had any pussy in a minute…’

‘Mama is this some kind of test? I said that I can handle it…’

‘No I’m serious. In fact I think it would turn me on to see you bang another bitches back out. We can keep it as a video and watch it when ever we want to’

‘I know that you’re a freak and all…but are you sure about this? I don’t want anything to break us up, least of all another woman. I can hold out until the baby is born really Maria…’

‘Good. But I still wanna see it. If I could fuck you myself then I would, but since I can’t…I can always watch someone else do it’

‘When do you wanna do it?’

‘Next weekend would be nice…’


I booked a nice hotel suite for Dalvin and his hook up…he picked up a hot chick from the club and took her back with him. When he described how many thirsty chicks were up there in the v.i.p salivating because he was in there I laughed so hard. I was so glad that I wasn’t one of them and he’s wifed me up…who knew if I could have been like that if Dalvin hadn’t married me? Any way moving on from that, he told me that the chick was as high as a mofo that he picked her out of all the obvious NFL groupies that were in there. He tried to ignore most of her inane small talk and concentrated on the task at hand.

Once in the hotel room, he suggested that she take a quick shower and he would wait for her. While she was in the bathroom he set up our camera on top of the TV set so that it could capture everything. The dumbass didn’t even tell Dalvin to take a shower as well…but you know that my boo stays clean anyways.

I loved watching the video so much…and I gave him a standing ovation at the end of it. Without further ado…this is how it went down;

He sat on the edge of the bed and put a condom (his own) on and without him asking her she kind of knew what to do. The chick got down on her knees and put Dalvin’s juicy d*ck in her mouth; as she sucked him, he stared in the direction of the camera lens and licked his lips. Obviously, that gesture was for me.
It turned me on to see him hold her head and f*ck her mouth repeatedly, I could hear her gagging and spluttering as his steel invaded mouth without mercy. She eventually had to force her head up to stop herself from choking; there was a trail of saliva dripping off her lips as she came up. She coughed and wiped her mouth with her arm and then Dalvin took her robe off.
He chose quite well considering…she had a shapely booty and ample sized breasts too. She parted her legs while standing in front of him and the Dalvin proceeded to ram his fingers into her, causing her to throw her head back and gasp. He was taking complete control of her and just watching it was making my pregnant p*ssy very wet.
While he fingered her, Dalvin pulled on of her fat nipples to his mouth and sucked it while using his other free hand to caress the other breast. The chick was moaning and writhing in ecstasy and it seemed that she was about to come by the look of things. Dalvin could feel it too and he pumped his fingers even faster…not too long after that, she started screaming and her legs shook uncontrollably. That was her first orgasm of the night.

Her face seemed amazed that she’d come that quickly; it was literally only 15 minutes into the tape. My eyes widened when I saw the way that she arched her back as my husband’s co*k filled up her pussy. He was a big guy and at 11 inches, his size would take her a minute to get used to. Dalvin started off slowly and lifted one of her legs up to his shoulder so that he could penetrate her deeper. As he thrust in and out of her rhythmically, she greedily rubbed her cl*t at the same time. She begged him to fuck her faster and deeper; of course he obliged. Their bodies made a loud slapping noise that was all too familiar to me; Dalvin was sweating by this point and his skin was dewy. His arm muscles and abs were well defined and looked quite chiselled under the cheap hotel room lights; in fact my honey looked just like a hot porn star. The jump off was getting quite hoarse from screaming, he was pounding her pussy like a champ and about 25 minutes into the session, her face contorted again and I guessed that she’d just had orgasm number 2. I could tell that Dalvin was tired of taking it easy on her by now…he suddenly flipped her onto her knees and rammed her from behind as she was just getting over her climax. It was all too much for her and she grabbed the head board for stability as she shuddered into orgasm number 3. I was so proud of my honey for giving her a f*ck that she wouldn’t forget in a long time.

So I kept on watching them go at it…by the time that their session had reached the one hour mark, this chick was hollering the place down. I half expected one of the hotel staff to come banging on their door at any minute. Clearly she was having the time of her life. As they came to the end of it, she did something to Dalvin that I had never done to him before. I must admit that I was a little jealous when I saw her do it.

She could tell that he was about to lose it so she knelt down between his legs and had him keep them spread apart while she literally milked his d*ck from underneath him.
She’d obviously seen the Superhead video because she used both hands to twist the shaft as she sucked the head of it. She kept on sucking him like a trouper until Dalvin bust violently all over her face; I could clearly see that some of his juice had even ended up on her weave. That made me laugh.

They finished up and left the hotel room not long after cleaning themselves up. I waited up for him that night because I was eager to see the video of my husband fuc*king another woman. I’m such a freak that I even amaze myself sometimes!
Anyway, he got home and synced the footage up to the TV. We sat there and watched it together in silence. I think he was waiting for me to fly into a jealous rage or something and that never happened. Rather I was smiling hard at what I was watching…so much so that I planned to make it happen for him again sometime in the future.

Dalvin showed his appreciation for my generosity by putting his tongue between my legs as soon as the tape stopped. It was an unspoken thank you for me allowing him to release his frustration. He ate me out until I came a good few times…I’d almost forgotten how good it felt and to steal a quote from a movie I watched a while back; when he came up from giving me head, his face looked like a glazed donut. The love I had for him made me return the favour and give him his second orgasm of that night. Since I couldn’t move much due to my belly, I stayed seated while he leaned over me and basically fu*ked my mouth. That position was symbolic of total submission to him and I think it got both of s off quite a lot. When he came, I sucked him dry until he had to jump off me (his d*k was really sensitive at this point) and calm himself down.

You know what they say about b*thes not being s*it. Well it’s true in this case. The stupid chick that Dalvin took to the hotel went on the internet the other day bragging about ‘Dalvin is playing away from home and his wife is at home pregnant’ and ‘yeah I fu*ked her man last night’
I had a good mind to find the b*tch and tell her that I set he whole thing up. Dalvin just laughed when I showed him what she’d been saying on the online groupie forums. He wasn’t surprised and had actually expected it from her; he said that she was a ‘bird’ type and wouldn’t be going anywhere fast. Thank God that he didn’t even have to pay her for the sex.


I’ll spare you all the gory details of my 36 hour labour, so I just move on to the most important part of today’s story. I gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby girl. She was just perfect when I saw her for the first time. She had a thick head of gorgeous black curls and her skin was the color of a toasted almond. My baby was pretty too just like her mama!
Dalvin broke with tradition and actually cried when the doctor put her in his arms; I was so proud of both of us for making this wonderful little human being. I won’t put my baby’s real name down, but for the sake of this blog I will call her Rosa.

La Princia and Tyrell came down to see the baby, as did many of Dalvin’s family and friends. The majority of my family were still in Puerto Rico, but they sent their regards to us over the phone and the miracle that is Facebook.
La Princia also took the liberty of showing off her new engagement ring; so I guess she had gotten over her fears and decided to give Tyrell a fighting chance after all.
I was happy for them, but even happier that we’d finally stared a family.
The only thing that I hadn’t bargained for was how bad the sleepless nights would be…motherhood was about to take its toll on me and my marriage.

But I’ll save that little snippet for next time…

‘The married groupie’

Lady Lynxx: look forward to the next instalment next week!


*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!*

© Lady Lynxx 2008, 2009

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