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As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…

After last week’s story there were many subsequent escapades that I have to talk about. Little did I know that my husband was setting up situations between myself and other men to fulfil his deepest fantasies. Rosa was about eight months old when Dalvin took me to Six Flags for a nice day out at the amusement park. Of course our baby was too young to enjoy it so we left her with a baby sitter rather than bring her out. My husband’s thoughtfulness still amazed me; he knew that I loved the rollercoaster rides and stuff. We’d not had a chance to visit since we had become parents, so it was also great for the both of us.

After sampling a few of the rides, we walked around arm in arm and then Dalvin bought us some Cotton Candy to share. When we got to the counter the dude that served us seemed to be checking me out. So did his co-worker; to be fair both of them were good looking with good bodies, but I gave them both the side eye since I was with my husband. Dalvin chuckled to himself as we walked away with our treats. When I asked him what was so funny, he replied ‘Oh nothing’ so I forgot about it and we carried on enjoying the scene. When we finally left the place quite late, I was so pooped that I feel asleep in the passenger seat as Dalvin drove along the freeway. I woke up with a start and looked to my left. He was gone and our car was parked on a slip road with no keys in the ignition. I panicked, but thought to find my phone and look around for a bit. My heart calmed down when I finally saw Dalvin waving to me from between the tall trees at the side of the road. He called out to me and I quickly hopped out of the car.

‘Come help me Maria…I lost my keys!’
‘How the hell did you…’
‘Never mind just come over here and help me woman’

I did as he told me to and ran off into the bushes. When got there he was jangling the same keys that he was supposed to be looking for in his hand.

‘Found them!’
‘Oh great…we can get out of here. The trees are creeping me out…’
‘Oh don’t be such a baby sweetheart. Come on I wanna show you something. This place used to be the spot back in the day’
‘But it’s dark honey’
‘We’ll be fine I promise’
‘Okay if you say so…’

The smile on his face gave me an idea of what was to come.

After walking for about five minutes, we came up to what looked like a rundown cabin and I could see that the lights were on inside. He knocked on the door and we were let in, imagine my surprise when the only two people in the one room cabin were the two Cotton Candy sellers from Six Flags. My hand went stiff in Dalvin’s and I turned to him is shock.

‘What the hell is going on baby?’
‘Are you mad at me?’
‘Well…yeah of course I am…we didn’t discuss this at all. You can’t keep doing this to me Dalvin’
‘Oh but I can because I know that you love it. You do don’t you? I can see it in your face. Its okay I only wanna watch’
‘But what…I bet you’re already wet’

Immediately after that the bastard stuck his fingers into my skirt to prove his point. When he pulled them out they were covered with my sticky juices and then he turned me on ever further by licking them.

‘See…I told you. She’s all yours gentlemen’ he said gesturing to the two men who were now completely naked. Dalvin gently pushed me towards them and then made himself comfortable on a wooden chair by the window. They came over to me and undressed me while kissing me all over at the same time. One was kissing my back and the other one my front, they then led me to the bed and laid me down and carried on doing much of the same. Dalvin had his d*ck in his hand as he watched them ravish my body. I was breathing very heavily as the darker one of the two buried his head inside my snatch. The lighter one made a big fuss of my breasts; I looked up at Dalvin as they brought me to my first orgasm. He was really getting off on watching the show, so much so that he himself was almost close to coming as well. After my p*ssy had been eaten out to the point of numbness by both of the men, I begged them to f*ck me. I really didn’t mean at the same time though.

After getting their condoms on and some lube, one was on his back and the other helped him to position me over him. The one under me slowly slid his c*ck into my ass and began the stroke. Once we were comfortable, the other one entered my p*ssy.
I’d only ever done this once before and even then I was hooked on it. I felt like it was heaven on earth when they were both f*cking me…the fact that I wasn’t expecting such a situation made the sex even better. I rubbed on my cl*t to make my next inevitable climax even more intense and as I came harder than ever before in my life I could hear my hubby calling out my name as he jerked the contents of his d*ck onto the wooden panelled floorboards. The room was pungent with the smell of f*ck and sooner rather than later the two guys pulled out and proceeded to spray their spunk all over me which again, I loved.

When they were done, they both kissed me and thanked us then got the hell out of there. I was about to get dressed to when Dalvin informed me that we were not done.

‘Where are you going…I haven’t had my turn yet…’
‘Dalvin! You are one crazy freak…my puss is a little sore tho’
‘Okay the but there ain’t nothing wrong with your mouth is there’

I laughed at him and shuffled over to him on my knees; he knew that I could never resist the taste of his hard shaft especially when he waved it around in my face. I took him in deep and could feel the tip of it at the back of my throat; I swallowed hard and he winced from the feeling it gave him. After that I sucked him with a frenzy and saliva ran off my fingers on to the floor just like a porn flick slut. He liked it and let me know it…I loved and went even harder to make him scream.

‘Oh s*it Maria…baby…look at you. Oh…f*ck…you love this you little whore don’t you! You love making me this weak…I’m gonna spray it down your throat for that!’
I laughed at him and carried on. Eventually I coaxed him into lying on the bed and I opened his legs like a b*tch as I continued c*cksucking. I had a surprise in store for my freaky husband. As was just about to come I forced a sneaky finger up his ass. It was too late for him to stop me and he looked at me with an expression of ecstasy, fear and confusion as he came all over my extended tongue. This simple move had changed the game; I don’t mean this lightly when I say that he squealed like a lil pig as he came. It was actually cute.

I half expected him to slap the taste out of my mouth when he cooled down but strangely he kissed me instead. We had now entered the twilight zone.

‘Maria…I swear that God made you for me. We can never break up ever…’

I kissed him back to show my gratitude for his declaration and hoped so too. Nothing would ever compare to him ever.


Okay after the sex, there is another little bit of news I need to share. La Prinicia called me with the date of her and Tyrell’s wedding. My heart skipped a beat when she asked me to be her matron of honor…this time around I would be a part of her wedding and it made me feel so proud. But before the ceremony some things went down…but I’ll save that for the last chapter next week.

‘The married groupie’

Lady Lynxx: look forward to the next instalment next week!


*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!*

© Lady Lynxx 2008, 2009

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