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As whispered to Lady Lynxx in the Boudoir…

Turns out that J was my type of guy; he was little young for me at 21, but knew how to treat a lady nonetheless. I took his number from Tania and gave him a call about a week after he’d enquired about me. We had a few light convos and I found out that he has a 19 year old girlfriend and they were expecting a baby in a few months. J expressed to me that while he didn’t mind having to pay the upkeep for a child, he felt he was too young for the responsibility. I gently explained to the naïve young man that when he decided to bust inside his teen girlfriend raw, then he took on that responsibility. I also told him that there was no point crying over spilt milk (no pun intended).

So moving on from his situation, I set it up for me to fly west to LA to meet J under the false pretences of a consultation for plastic surgery. I told Bernard that I wasn’t happy with my (minimal) tummy fat and wanted some lipo done. My dear husband assured me that he loves me just the way I am, but if a lil lipo would make me feel happy, then fine. He also made it clear in no un-certain terms that he would not agree for me to have any other surgery in future since he deemed it all unnecessary in the first place.
It looked like my ‘lipo’ would have to be decided over a few more consultations; or between you and me, short breaks away from home to fulfil my filthy liaisons.

I found out that J was not a cheapskate when he put me up in Chateau Marmont for my three night stay in LA. Yes, I said THE Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset and he booked me a junior suite not just a dingy old hotel room. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and by the evening he took me to dinner and we actually hit it off quite well. J had a wonderful sense of humor and wasn’t at all jaded like a lot of men I know due to his optimistic youth. I must say that it was a breath of fresh air; I know realised what Demi Moore et al saw in a younger man.

We went for a little stroll once dinner was over and he was pouring his little heart out to me. It seemed that he felt trapped in his relationship and really wanted to run away. I was beginning to feel like a regular agony aunt by now; but felt it was bad to just cut him off and get to the sex. The poor dude even started crying at one point; poor bitch.
I assured him that it wasn’t all bad and advised him to go for some counselling with his girlfriend present, but in my mind I’m thinking ‘hey what do I know, I ain’t no damn shrink!’
I felt a little sorry for him, but guessed that he needed a reality check; life is not a game and maybe he would think twice now before going raw again. Oh did I mention that his girl was not on any form of birth control? They were using ‘coitus interruptus’ (also known as the withdraw method) to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Any dumb fu*k knows that such a birth control method is highly dangerous because if he gets caught in the moment and pulls out a few seconds too late, you could be knocked up with another 18 year financial investment. I seriously guessed that if he didn’t have the security of an NBA career, then he would have ran off and left that girl.

We eventually went back to my hotel suite and got down to the business of knocking some serious boots. I brought some condoms of course. Can you believe that he was still a little reluctant to use them? He said that the rim of the rubber chocked his di*k and ruined some of the sensation of sex for him. I quickly reminded J that he already had one baby on the way (I know I’m on birth control, but that’s beside the point) and that shut him up. Incidentally, I got lucky a second time in a row; J was also quite well endowed, even more so than A. It took a few tries before he could enter me fully and even that was a tight squeeze; at such times, I thank the Lord for KY.

He got into a lovely stroke behind me, I could feel this ni$$a’s d*ck all the way up to my cervix, no lie. In fact my bladder was getting bumped so hard that I thought I would pee right there. In spite of his apparent youth J could lay some pipe. I was coming really hard by the time I’d switched styles to reverse cowgirl; J was loving the view of my ass and kept kneading it like it was dough, then smacking it firmly which turned me on even more. I slid down off his dick and started to suck it while he buried his head in my snatch…ladies it felt so damn good. Even telling the story again is making me wet; but let me carry on.

Everything was fine until J stood up and told me to do a handstand. I was like, I ain’t done a hand stand since I was 12! J laughed at me and somehow got me to put my palms on the floor while he held my legs by his hips. Can you imagine the scene, he was standing and I was kinda upside down; he was fu*king me while standing. Apparently this style was called the wheelbarrow; whatever he wanted to call it, it was so damn good that I did end up pissing myself a little. I am a bit ashamed to admit that to anybody, but y’all don’t know me and you will probably never meet me either so what the hell.
The last part of our first night together freaked me the hell out. We got back to ‘normal’ fuc*ing and also did another 69…so while I’m sucking him off, I think I hear him say ‘put your finger up my a**’

I stop a minute to listen and he says even more desperately… ‘please, I’m gonna come. Stick your finger up my a** bitch…’
He can’t see, but I have a WTF look on my face. I pause for a minute then decide to do it. I the kind of chick that will try most things at least once. I cringed as I stuck my French manicured acrylic tipped finger up his a**. I almost died laughing when he started to squeal like a lil bitch; he even asked me to jam it in harder as his bust his nut. Once we were done, I went to the kitchen to find some hand sanitizer; I realized that I had made a stupid mistake out of curiosity. I could only imagine who or what else had been up J’s a**hole before my a** pokin virgin finger. Once we’d freshened up, I asked J a difficult question.

‘J, don’t you think I’m gonna think you have gay tendencies by asking for a finger up you’re a**?’
‘Naw…I figured you’d be used to that because of what you do…’ he replied
I’m thinking, so what am I now… a prostitute? But I carried on.
‘Erm don’t get it twisted, I don’t do this a lot and I’m only looking for a bit of fun. No one has ever asked me to do that b4. I ain’t gonna do it again either…’
‘Come on Maria…get real. A lot of ni$$as do that sh*t, you have to be more open minded. Did you think I was gay when I was hittin your g-spot? Look, just cos I’m extra freaky don’t mean I’m into that gay sh*t…and if you don’t wanna do it with ya finger then we can go shopping for butt plugs tomorrow. We’ll go to the Hustler store and see what we can find, we can even get a lil dildo so I can fu*k your pus*y and you’re a** at the same time. I bet you’ll like that…’
J smacked my a** and walked off to the kitchen area laughing; in a way I even think he was laughing at me.

Over the weekend he took me shopping on Rodeo, we had some fabulous meals at the some lovely restaurants and we also got his precious butt plugs at Hustler.
We had some of the most amazing sex anyone can ever have and to be honest I was so pooped by the end of it all. J wore my pus*y down to the ground…I loved it though.

We’d booked separate flights back to the East coast and before we went our separate ways, J asked me when we could do this again. He looked at me as if I was crazy when I told him that it was a one time deal. It would never happen again. I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for a great time then hopped into my limo headed for L.A.X. I secretly wanted to see him again too but I didn’t want to have an ‘affair’ with anybody. I didn’t want any emotional ties…just some good old fashioned greasy sex sessions to add to my collection of mediocre ones. In many ways, my heart still belonged to Bernard and at the end of the day he was my security. There was no way that I was going to spoil that for some freaky young guy that was sweet on me.

As I sat on the plane back home…I figured that I would tell Bernard that I wasn’t sure if I really wanted any lipo after all.

Until next week ladies…see you all then.

The married groupie

Lady Lynxx: look forward to the next instalment next week!Thoughts?

*Please note: names and personal details have been changed to protect identities!*

© Lady Lynxx 2008

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