DAP ME !!!!!!!!

Isn’t Black Love beautiful ?

We (must)have to learn to support our loved ones,even though we might not agree with their choices. We have to support the path that they choose to take. The other day I was having some wings with a some home girls ( one has potenial to be a good friend) and we started talking to one of the girls about supporting a member of her family. Now as I’m am listening intently I notice that she is judging her family member because the family member isn’t living up to “her” expectations. Shit living up to our own expectations is hard enough!!! Just like our parents did we have to walk our own path and follow your own way. If you don’t see for yourself how will you learn? What happens when that person isn’t there to guide you anymore ? We have to make mistakes in order to understand lifes valuble lessons. Just because you might think it is a mistake for cousin JJ to quit his job and become a rapper, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support him and his choices. ( now i’m saying you have to agree) You know that when JJ blow up you gonna want to get down or get some of that money cause you family etc….( Remember you weren’t supportive you shouldn’t get shit!!) Seriously I can’t live my life for you , I have to live my life for me !! There comes a time when family members, friends, and love ones needs to learn that they can be crticial without being overwhelming !!! You them that you support them just don’t say it or think they should automatcialy know. I’m sure your family member was there to support you thru good relationships, bad ones, moving into apartment, watching your bad ass kids, cleaning your house, giving you rides etc etc… Give them a break be supportive ( Just like she / he was to you when your BF cheated ) After all that what are friends / Family is for. Black Love is great we have to stop fighting each other, and working together. YES WE CAN !!!!!

(Sorry for the rant I’m in my emotions today)

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