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Derrick Rose Wants The Name Of His Rape Accuser Revealed


Derrick Rose is battling it out in court with a woman who is suing him over allegedly gang raping her. For the most part, the woman’s identity has not been revealed to the public, however Derrick Rose is seeking to change that.

The allow typically allows someone who claims to be a victim of a sex crime the option to file a lawsuit under pseudonym to protect their privacy. However, Rose says that “Jane Doe” in this case has thrown privacy out the window after she conducted phone interviews and a news conference over the weekend.

“Because Jane Doe and her lawyers are openly pandering to the media on a nationwide blitz tour, Ms. Doe should be precluded from using a pseudonym for any purpose, including media coverage,” says Rose’s legal team. They’re also accusing the alleged victim of trying to get the case to play out in the court of public opinion so she can get a  “large and extortionate settlement payment.”


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