For weeks now I’ve avoided saying something on this topic cus I didnt want to be crucified.

First off I dont support a man putting his hand on a woman….even if she’s whooping ur ass. You dont have anything to prove. Without question a man is built to be bigger and stronger than a woman so its established that a man can damn near whoop a woman’s ass whenever he choses so….JUST DONT DO IT. Even if she’s beating on u…just walk away; run away from her if you have to.
All that said, has it occurred to anyone that we just might be “jumping the gun” in implicating Chris Brown as a monster. That picture of Rihanna that was leaked could actually end up being his defense. Before anybody crucifies me on here, please read this to da end. When I first saw that battered pic of Rihanna my first reaction was like everyone else…outrage and disbelief that he’d do that to someone he loved. Then I looked a lil closer at the pic and the injury bruising patterns didnt make sense. As a matter of fact, when I downloaded and enlarged it, I was particularly reminded of two previous times I had seen similar injuries…..
– On my face…..when i had an accident and my car’s driver airbag deployed in my face (but saved my life)
– on a guy who was sitting in the front passenger seat without his seatbelt when his companion suddenly hit the brakes.

All the CSI massive!!..look at Rihanna’s picture again. The bruising pattern doesnt support her being struck with FISTS. Absence of a major bulging hematoma/black eye. Minimal to no bruising in the centre of her forehead with major bruising to both lateral sides (to the left & to da right) of the forehead (keeping in mind that Rihanna does have a 6-head). Progression of bruising pattern from top of head appearing almost linear when coming down past her closed eyelid to cheek bone (on both sides of the face). No hematoma on the bridge (top midline) of the nose but rather a faint bruise that runs vertically almost in a line from the top of her left nostril to the adjacent side of her right nostril. Minimal injury to the top lip (nostrils probably acted as shock absorber for the top lip) and a bruised lower lip but rather than the bruise being on either side of the lip, it looks like the bruise is more central but involving almost 80% of the whole bottom lip.

Rihanna’s injury (in that picture) did not look like that which would be caused by her being struck with a balled-up fist or even an open hand. Both Biology and Physics (Newton’s 1st law of motion/law of inertia) can explain this. Her injuries are more consistent with compression bruising that occurs when your face hits something….probably while travelling at a relative speed and coming to an abrupt stop with no restraint (seatbelt). It looks more like her face STRUCK maybe the flat passenger dashboard of the Lamboghini they were travelling in.

Now check this possibly fictional scenario…….they driving along and arguing (about the supposed gyrl Chris was “creeping” with) and maybe Rihanna kirks out and smacks Chris as he’s driving. INSTINCT! He slams on the brakes and Rihanna doesnt have her seatbelt on and smacks her face into the dashboard…. and immediately goes IRATE!. Chris in an effort to calm her down diverts from the major Hollywood strip and cuts into the quiet neighbourhood where the Lambo was eventually found. He tries calming her down…probably saying “baby hold on hold on, lemme see” and she’s instead going off and still irate. A passer-by hears the commotion and calls the police and Chris does the right thing and gets “Outta Dodge”, calls his handlers, gets the best lawyer in town and has the lawyer take him in for his arrest and arraignment.

So…..does Chris Brown still look like a monster?? Like Arsenio used to say, ‘things that make you go hmmmmm’.

There’s always 2 (maybe 3) sides to a story. . From how it looks in that pic…I dont think Chris beat on Rihanna. I dont even think he slammed her head into the dashboard cus then the injury would be more localized (either on top of the head or on the lower part of the face like the lips). The all-inclusive-ness of the whole face (top, middle & bottom) is more indicative of her whole body being thrown forward.. face-first into the dashboard ..as a result of her inertia and the car’s momentum (and her probably not having her seatbelt on). If Chris talks…Rihanna could be booked for assault and not wearing a seatbelt. If Rihanna talks..Chris could be labelled as a “cheater”. Right now everything is “supposed”, nothing written in stone. I think they both doing the right thing and staying QUIET. They’re not pulling a “QUEST” and jumping on every blog and tv station to slam each other, rather they’re letting calmer minds prevail and it looks like it beginning to work in their favor cus they’re back together. Let the lawyers and “real” PR guys handle this issue and with time it could even be spun into bigger record sales for both of em. Evidently they love each other very much too cus this public outcry isnt stopping them from being together.

And hey, it would also explain a whole lotta things…..
-why they back together now
-why Rihanna was supposedly feening and really missing Chris (rather than HATING him) right after the occurrence eventhough most of the whole world was shouting “crucify him!! crucify him”
-why the police still aint file charges yet (and probably will not file any)
-why Diddy would give up his place in Star Island rather than distance himself from the whole situation
-why Rihanna’s dad is saying he’s glad they back together and he supports his daughter good or bad (cus I know if someone beat on my sister…both me and my dad would probably being in JAIL for a violent crime on the dude….not cosigning that we happy they back together.

I seriously think that there’s more to this story that will come out.

By the way……NO I dont know what happened for real. I just have a great sense of perception and did this write up based on what I saw in that pic and the clues so far on the whole situation. What I say is NOT FACT but just how I see it from my end. I very well might be TOTALLY WRONG and full of baloney but like Horatio Caine always says…”the evidence never lies”
(puts on the dark sunglasses)……cue the CSI music

Can you believe it? After practically being one of the BA pioneers, after all my time on this forum going all the way back to the 1st BA speed-dating get-together at PURE…….this is my first BLOG. Been trying my best to stay under my invisibility cloak. Blame it on the snow day..lol!!

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