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Do NOT Be Mad @ Me!

Don’t be mad at me because I don’t work and have a nice ass 2 bedroom condo that overlooks South Beach in the art deco district. Don’t be mad at me because I drive a 2008 LUXURY car (just purchased 3 weeks ago). Don’t be mad at me because I always get in VIP in every club I step into even if I am not in Miami. I am doing what every girl wish they can do, and that is to be ME! I don’t have to lift a finger to pay a bill or make a living, because my boo’s support me. Doing what I do pays off. So don’t be mad at me because you go to work everyday and still struggle and want to be in my place, JUST SIMPLY GET ON MY LEVEL!

I hate when girls evil eye me or judge me. They can do the same thing if they were smart and fine as myself. I wish girls would step their game up and quit hating on mine.

That’s all for now,
Sandra 🙂

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