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Ballerific Relationships: Don’t Lower Your Standards Just To Have A Man

A common mistake we make as women is thinking that we can turn a piece of sh*t man into Prince Charming. Wake up sis! It’s not happening.


We have either said or heard someone say, “He is such a damn momma’s boy. When will he get off her tit?… It’s okay. He’ll change once we get married.”


How is he going to change? He has clearly shown you that his mother is a priority, not saying that your mother shouldn’t be but there’s a limit.


As women, we have to stop thinking that marriage is going to change a man. If someone wants to change, they have to be willing to do so themselves.


When trying to change a person, the only person you are fooling is yourself.  What you see is normally what you get.


Men meet women and at times know if she’s the one they want to continue to pursue. They normally see you for who you are and they either choose to accept your flaws or not. If men don’t settle, why should we?


We have to learn to keep our standards and that him being “cute” isn’t going to take us very far. If you want a career driven man without any kids, then don’t compromise on that. Go for what you want in a relationship.


No matter what your standards are, keep them and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Your Prince Charming is out there and he will come. Patience is a virtue!

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