Don’t Sleep On The Man Who Wears The Suits ALL Day, Everyday

Ladies, do not sleep on the ballers who wear the suits ALL day, everyday. These are the ones on Wall Street (need not be physically there), making and pulling together deals and whatnot. Or whatever they do. Now, listen. It’s true the glitz and lights of the music and film industry is cute and fun. But that’s not where the LONG money is. Think about legacy, ladies. You need to have your own bread to pass on to your kids. You need to be MARRIED to get that alimony. How can Lil Too-Foot help with that? Unless he’s Russell Simmons and those days are gone. The industry stalwarts, like Russell are here to stay, no more to come because as a whole the industry is dismantaling.

What happens when Lil Rapper C-Town loses his deal, now what? You back to court. Long paper chasers know what I mean. It’s not about the one night stand, though pump n dumps happen to us as we learn the ropes. It’s about getting a little piece of what he has. Not physically, but psychologically. Follow me. So, you get one of these smart Wall Street types. They like to talk–alot, mostly about themselves. You listen. You learn. You take notes. You build. You win. Done. They teach us. They like that. It makes them feel good because at home they’re already tired of running that shit. He can do whatever he wants. (P.S.A. Do not try to take married men away from their wives, so define goals early). Back to the program–He needs to feel a certain feeling. Every man is different. Mine, likes to feel, well, something different every day. He wants to see me on Oprah. He’s taken my career to another level and showed me how to invest. (Glitch: They usually like a woman who is working with some ambition–see Tyra and her coup man divorcee and Wall Street veteran John Utendahl) Last, but not least, he gives me access and yes, money. Now, ain’t that great? I know. (Word to Tyra: Hire Benny back! Your nose is too wide open for John right now and you are letting him make rash decisions that shouldn’t be made until engagement time, call me).

The downside is that these types may not be able to take you to the hot, fun parties or red carpet night because he’s not an “industry” cat. He rather vacation in Martha’s Vineyard than Myrtle Beach or Bali than Bahamas. He’s always working. Very little time on his hands. Good for you, though, to keep researching. You need the ring, eventually from somebody. (See legacy point on top) I want my man working. Getting that bread. So, no champagne showers at Prive or whereever. Okay, so you do dinners, mostly. Listen alot, and have sex. Fantastic, delicious sex. You spend most of your time exercising to keep those dinner pounds off and keeping the goods in tact because you never know when he’ll call. More on that later.

So, ladies, see if you can get yourself one of these men. Check out Black Enterprise, Forbes, and online for lists and stuff. Charity parties are good (athletes frequent these too, but the Beckys got this scene on lock, more on that later). It takes MORE work and research to find these men. They are on the low. But they are SMART, got more money to burn than any athlete I met and rapper (Jay Z is up there). You can also verify their income–time is money. Can you do that with Lil Too-Foot? No. Okay? Get ’em girl!

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