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Dumb Baller News: Simon Cowell Robbed After One Night Stand

Some people get a little alcohol in their system and forget they have money. It seems this may have been the case with X-Factor judge Simon Cowell while partying in Hollywood. According to the TMZ, this took place in October but it seems the story is just getting out. After a drunken night, Simon took a young lady back to his hotel for a late night rendezvous but when he woke up the next morning, the only thing that wasn’t missing was a hangover! The women had emptied his wallet, stolen his computer and let herself out. The computer is said to have held some very sensitive “X-Factor” documents in it. Authorities worked with hotel staff to use security surveillance and eventually track down the woman. She returned the laptop but unfortunately Simon didn’t get any of his money back. This reportedly happened just after his divorce that costed him an $8Million home.



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