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GROUPIE 101, SELF-HELP BLOG #3: We don’t want no two minute men!

That’s right ladies! Lemme hear you say it loud!

Okay now print out this blog and give it to your Baller, if he needs it that is….

While I am fortunate enough to have never experienced this, some of y’all have ballers that are severely lacking in the bedroom department. You know the type that gets up in your coochie, grunts twice and then rolls over? Yes you know the one, the two minute (sometimes less than that!) man that just can’t stay in the saddle; I pity the fool that ever tries that ish with me…he may just not make it to see the next morning!

Here are some tips for y’all from my man Blogxilla….like I said if he needs it. I refuse to let y’al suffer in silence:

“Give Your Love Muscle a Work Out: The “manxilla” is amuscle, so work it out. Masterbation will help but not for your own pleasure, lube up and rub w/ a woman’s orgasism in mind. Give yourself a time limit of 15 minutes working your way up to climax but hold it off..until you hit your time limit. Most men used to beat off in our room at our mother’s house w/ a simple goal of busting a nut before someone walked in and caught us w/ a handful of our love snakes. Which conditioned us to busting fast. So break the chain.

LEARN THE GI JOE KUNG FU GRIP: If you’re about to bust during masturbation or sex, stop and squeeze right below the head of your dick. This pushes back the urge to flood your woman’s kitten w/ your baby batter.

Sexercise: Did you know men, have Kegel muscles as well? Yep! work em out. Press and hold for like 10 seconds and do them is sets of ten. You can do this basically unnoticed, so while you’re at the dinner table on your date work out your man tool, she’ll never know and she’ll take you for it later. I can lift a hand towel with my manxilla.

Ladies First: Make her cum first, once you make her bust it removes the pressure from you, then you can relax and bust when you’re ready… Try using your mouth, or your fingers.” Blogxilla.com

So there you have it ladies, teach that old dawg some new tricks. You can thank me in the morning.

Long-lasting thoughts?

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