GROUPIE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Kim Osario speaks on 50 cent in tell all book…

Seems like 50 is a romantic; 100 roses? Thanks to Miss Info for posting these pics on her blog!

Even I would be flattered, but I would have seen past any BS tho…read on..

Miss Info has posted some juicy excerpts from Kim Osario’s tell all book entitled ‘Straight from the Source’. Youmay have already heard Fifty comment on her briefly:

‘”50cent: “I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal…when they weren’t worth much.”
“She licked my balls once and now she’s a star,” 50 continued.
He went on to say, “I got some advice for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to riches!” as quoted from the IndustyA**hole’s blog”

However according to these pages it seems like they actually had a relationship. But knowing Fifty, and as Kim later comments in these pages it was probably part of his marketing plan to seduce a female exec of The Source mag. Check three pages out below…

Here is Kim talking about the book on the round table…

Dayumn…methinks that Kim played herself on this one. Lessons learned for my ladies:

1. Never mix business with pleasure – it may come back to bite you in the a**

2. Be afraid of the magicstick, be very afraid….talk to Viv, Elise, Shaniqua and Kim. Don’t say I ain’t warned you

3. Make sure you look at what’s behind all the flowers, gifts etc…this is why I rarely accept or encourage them. There is usually a hidden agenda.

4. Don’t write a tell all book with 50 in it if you had a relationship/fling/booty-call with him. He will probably say something about you that you won’t like and everyone else will probably label you the hoe. Better to keep your mouth shut, but then again the mere mention of ’50 cent’ will sell a truck load of books (money > shame – I rest my case)

5. If you are female (and hot) and ever meet fifty, just shake his hand but never look into his eyes. Don’t do it, for your own sakes…or you may be added on to the long line of female casualties.

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