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Groupie Tales – A Night With Offset Of Migos

What better way than to start 2017 off with a Groupie Tale? We previously had a tale about  Quavo of the Migos, but what about his homie Offset? Check out the Groupie Tale submitted below and let us know your thoughts.


Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 


“So this is a groupie tale about Offset from Migos. Let me start off by saying that the beginning is a little slow but the juice is the end of the story.

This was back in March of 2014. My best friend and I were on vacation in Jacksonville and the day we met him was our last day in town. We found a flyer about their club appearance and decided to go check them out. At the time, I wasn’t as big of a fan as I grew to be, but shit it was our last day to party.

Migos showed up at like 2 in the morning however they performed hella songs  so it was worth the price and the wait. Their manager Rel Money stopped and talked to my best friend as they headed out of the door and gave her his phone number. Of course I’m egging her on to text him but she wasn’t really going for it so I took her phone to shoot a text and he responded with the address to the hotel they were staying at.

We get there, and him and a guy named Domingo met us in the lobby. I was  disappointed as fuck because I only wanted to meet Migos and not somebody in their entourage. We ended up splitting up me going with Domingo and my  best friend with the manager. While Domingo and I were  walking down the hallway , Offset passes by and speaks. Of course I’m freaking the fuck out on the inside especially when he turned around and said I had a fat ass. He  kept on walking though.

Domingo asking questions talking about would my man be mad if I laid in the bed with him meanwhile he sharing a room with some big ass security guard looking nigga that was knocked out snoring. My response was “naw he won’t be mad because I’m not getting in the bed with you.” After that he called himself having an attitude not wanting to talk anymore.

My best friend calls and says Offset said he’s about to come get me. He comes to the room and we walk to his and this is where the story gets crazy.

This man walks over to the counter and just starts tossing all of his jewelry on the night stand then snatches pants off, grabs another pair, then goes into the bathroom. I hear water running for a while then he comes back with the fresh pants on, snatches the covers off of the bed, gets his ass in, then starts fondling with his dick. By this time I’m looking crazy as hell so I tell him I’m going to the bathroom. This man has his draws on the floor, the hotel soap ripped open and a wet rag in the sink. ?.

I’m like this sweaty balls ass nigga got some nerve trying to fuck somebody washing with hotel soap and shit. I go back and let that nigga know we ain’t fuckin & he says he already knew because he can look and see I wasn’t a thot. He even said bitches don’t even give him play like that.

We just talked & he seemed to be level headed although this was prior to those fights and probation violations later on that year. Saying he got too much on the line to be fuckin off by smoking weed but smoking cigarettes instead. Said how he hate the fame the interviews and performances but does what he has to do for his family. I found out later though that the same time all of this happened was around the time he was fuckin with his baby mama oriel and the other chick he has a daughter with whom I believe was a fan too. Not too sure about that part.

Before I left I realized this nigga was about to try to fuck with a lifestyle condom. Meanwhile Rel Money kicked my best friend out his room for not trying to fuck but before that gave her a whole band for gas money. ??.

Fast forward to a few months later they ended up coming to my hometown for a show and those dusty ass niggas wore the same clothes in the club I was in to another show in Rochester NY the next day. Rich the kid ass was in there without socks on and takeoff was so high and he was stuck and gazing off instead of performing with everybody else. I was right in front so when Domingo saw me I guess he recognized me because the look he gave me was the same salty look when I wouldn’t lay in the bed with him ??.”


Do we believe this Groupie Tale?

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  1. That story was lame AF besides the part when he took a wash up with hotel soap but other than that keep this lame ass story to yourself baby girl???

    • Atleast a nigga washed his shit after a busy day! Even if he didn’t. Fuck you trust he get pussy and packs rubbers. Good for him. Its fucken nasty to go to bed smelling like ass and balls. You must be a dirty bitch with a bed smelling like yeast infection and ass. Your the dumb ass still paying them to see them perform. The look he gave you when you sat front row at his show musta been for your stank yeast infection and sweaty ass. Notin wrong with hotel soap to wash your junk! What do u use piss?

  2. Soooo what was the point of this story? ??


  4. This is the corniest story I ever heard.

  5. Where is the juice at the end of the story? Because what i read was flavorless? What size is his penis? Did he [email protected] while he was jacking off in the bed? If he did, did it get on the sheets, the condom, or your lips? What else did yall talk about, to prove he was level headed? Was he circumcised? Was his sweaty balls loose or tight? How did you leave the room? Were you kicked out? I need more details and the story to flow a little better.

  6. I FUCKIN LOOOOOVE MIGOS LIL YOUNG THUGGIN ASSES BUT THE NI668$ STAY DOG MOUTHIN H03$ IN THEY MUSIC. We cant be too mad. This just a part of that lifestyle. You win some you lose some but she got a good ass story to tell if its the truth. And if it is the truth, im dyin my ass off!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo funny. HNY 11/8 and everybody else on this dayum blog.

  7. Her and her friend got fuck bullshit story she lien trying make herself look good bitch plz u got fuck

  8. This wack she knew what was up from the jump . Shoulda never went to the hotel bitch

  9. I would’ve Cosbied yo’ a$$ and then while you was passed out I would’ve spread my a$$ cheeks nice and wide and placed my a$$h0le directly in your mouth and had you tossing salad while you was unconscious. I dare you do this to a national treasure b!tch, Offset should’ve hit her wit’ a left, hit her wit’ a right then knocked the p#ssy out like fight night(Basically assault and rape the b!tch).

  10. Miogs = The Beatles

    Why you waste all of our time wit this garbage ass story. you hatin ass bitch. u know damn well you went there wanting to get some dick and was mad cuz he was passin you off to another nigga. and then when you get there you mad cuz a nigga is sweaty. Yea bitch its like 5 am and he just finished working all nite. u dusty ass hoe.

  11. Lol fake ass story. & it’s lame asf idk why you trinna make it seem like u wasn’t give up the pussy. ” wishy washy ” hoes lmao

  12. You call this JUICE???? 😠 I THOUGHT you were gonna tell us he had a big Mandingo dick and you let him hit it doggy style, payed u you and sent you home with a smile on your face. You suck. You wasted 5 minutes of my life. No bullshit IDA FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF HIS ASS and wouldntve thought shit about it.

  13. This story was a waste of time. But, when a groupie Does share their story on here, everyone calls them all kinda of hoes in the comment section. So dont be surprised when people dont wanna tell the full story.p

  14. Will you addicted to gossip ass bitches shut up? Its her story…Don’t like it? Keep it moving dammit ams stop disrespecting everyone who leaves a story that doesn’t impress or satisfy your thirst for gossip. No one asked y’all for your critique…

  15. be careful

  16. Off course it’s fake

    But I really like Migos rapper group and I am so much excited when I follow him trendy sunglasses with my different attire.

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