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Groupie Tales – Another August Alsina Tale, This Time Featuring DJ Era

It looks like August Alsina is popular amongst the Groupie Tales and we recently received another. This one also involves August’s DJ, DJ Era and was featured on The Breakfast Club this morning. Does this one sound more believable? Did anyone hear August Alsina talk about it? Read below and let us know.

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It all started from Twitter. I tweeted and DJ Era (August Alsina’s DJ) that he was sexy, and he tweeted me back. He must have checked out my Twitter photos because he DM’d me and told me I was sexy as well but I was never able to reply because he wasn’t following me. I had Dm him on Instagram and gave him my number. A couple days went pass and I didn’t think he was going to call or text me because he didn’t reply back. But to my surprise he Facetimed me. I didn’t know the number so I ignored the FaceTime. I Facetimed back and to my surprise DJ era with the pigtails popped up. I was shocked so I pretended to be busy and told him that I couldn’t talk right now and that I would call him back later. I called my best friend and told her that he called me and got my thoughts together and called back. He didn’t answer. But I never been thirsty so I never bothered to call back.

2 days later he hit me back and I answered the phone. He asked me where I was from and what city I lived in. We didn’t talk often but we talked every now and then via call text and ft. Since he knew where I lived he hit me up and asked me if I was busy because he was in town doing a show with August Alsina. He told me that there would be 2 tickets there waiting for me and my friend. Me and my girl got ready for the show. Long story short we went to the show that week.

It was an amazing show. After the show I got a text saying I’m coming outside to meet you. You and your friend are coming back with him. Me and my girl got backstage. They offered us some drinks and smokes.. We were drinking. The whole crew was there including Aug. Aug asked everybody to clear the room except for Era and his company. Clearly Era didn’t tell Aug who was for who because Aug started feeling on me… After a while we got tired of being backstage and we all got in his van including his security and went back to his hotel room.

Dj era and my friend went to Era’s room and me and Aug went to his room. when we got to his room he started rubbing on my private area below. (To keep it PG) he didn’t even allow me to take my dress off before he bent me over on the couch and was fucking me. He had a bigger than regular sized dick. It was big enough. But not Mandingo size like everyone is saying. But don’t get me wrong. It was huge. He made me cum a numerous amount of times before it was time for me to leave. He did say no love. But I wasn’t mad. I just wanted the dick. What did surprise me was that he did kiss me. Not on my lips but on my cheek. Also he took my number down and made sure I got home. And once I was in the house he text me to make sure I was okay and that I was there safely. He was a real gentlemen.

The next day I met up with my girl and asked her what happened with her and Era. I’m glad I went with Aug because basically lets just say, it was over for HIM before it even started. She said it took him a long time to get up. And then when he finally did get up he pumped 5 times and was finish. Then wanted to cuddle and fall asleep with her. Which she wasn’t down for. Haa.”

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