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Groupie Tales – B.o.B & His Eggplant

We’ve had a Groupie Tale on B.o.B in the past and he’s addressed whether it was real or fake during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Now we have our second tale on the Atlanta rapper. Could this one be fact or fiction? Read the Groupie Tale below and share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 

So I met bob through Instagram. My crush on him started when I saw the “Not For Long” video. He looked so good to me and I really liked the song. Always thought he was good looking but never realized how handsome he really is. So I messaged him one time and he read it and responded. I was excited like yessss it was my Birthday. I’d send him sexy pictures every once in a while and he’d compliment me send some emojis nothing crazy.

Fast forward some months later I saw him on snapchat arriving in NY which is where I live so I DMd him once again like “so you’re in NY on business or to see me? ” he responded come thru it’s lit. I was blushing like crazy thinking oh yea it’s going down tonight lol he asked for my number and called/text me to let me know the hotel he was at. I hopped In the shower real quick got cute and he sent an uber.

When I arrived we hugged and he just looked so good. He’s very handsome and sexy and I love his swag. He told me I had a nice shape. He didn’t drink but opened some patron for me from the mini bar. He looked at me a lot with this look in his eyes like he was analyzing me. It was sexy. He tried to put on a movie/Netflix but was having technical difficulties. Then porn pops up to purchase and he’s like we should make a movie me and you, I’m laughing imagining how sexy/nasty it would be.

After a few minutes of trying to get something on the tv without success I went up to him gave him a hug and felt on him and his eggplant lol he took me back to the bed and his dick is hard and ready for me. He’s like I feel all embarrassed you got me this hard and didn’t even do nothing lol I pulled his pants down and gave him some bomb ass passionate head lol he was loving every minute of it. Like my dick loves you right now, you do that so good, and you look so sexy while doing it. Had me laughing and feeling myself.

He helped hold my hair out the way lol I was deepthroating, licking and sucking like I loved him lol then a few minutes in he like oh na you not gonna make me cum this fast he kissed my neck and sucked my breasts a little and  got a condom. We started fucking missionary, when he first slid in it felt so fucking amazing. I was moaning he was feeling it and it was great. He’s like you got some good pussy, you just know you got that good pussy don’t you. He’s def a talker, and I was loving it. I’m feeling on him, pushing him deeper just enjoying all of his beautiful eggplant inside of me. I rode him, he hit it from the back, we did a few positions.

Afterwards we smoked, well he smoked mostly I hit it like twice maybe I wasn’t tryna get crazy high lol cuz I don’t smoke anymore but how could I turn down a blunt with bob. We talked about things, he asked me questions and I did the same. We talked about some random fake deep things. And he had me smiling and that’s when he complimented my gap and that was cute to me that he noticed it and liked it. We went to sleep together. I wanted to cuddle so bad lol but I didn’t wanna make the move and he didn’t so we were just really close.

It was a good night. One I think about a lot, and I’ll never forget. I never did kiss him and I wish I did. That man has some sexy ass lips and I’m mad about that looking back. He was kool, chill and I felt comfortable. In the morning I went back home in an uber and he told me my head game was A1.

Weeks following I got texts from him about how he can’t wait to come back and how I’m one of the top 3 head givers he EVER had. I don’t expect him to text me every day but sometimes I’ll text and won’t get a response for daysss. I’ve been wanting him again ever since. I just feel like we need a part two to cover things we didn’t get to the first time. I’m not like what he may be afraid of, which is somebody trying to use him for whatever reasons. I just find him attractive and would like to get to know him more. I’m drawn to him because he’s a Scorpio and he’s just my type period as far as looks go. We also talked about that at one point how our signs are good together. I decided to send this out in hopes that he’ll see it and realize how I feel about him and come back to NY soon.

When I’m horny I think about what Ima do to home next time. Bob need to stop playing and let me love on him!

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