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Groupie Tales – Chris Brown The Sex Demon

It’s Groupie Tales time! Next up we have Chris Brown and if you read the title, you can only expect good reviews on the R&B star. I’m not sure how true the story is but it’s worth a read. Check out the Groupie Tale below.

Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 


I’ll never forget the night I got the honor of fucking Chris Brown! I had flown in town from Miami to chill with my bestie. The girl is a party thot and knows all the spots to go so I rolled through with her to Grey stone that night. Fast forward hours later and we were waiting in line to get in the club. It was packed!!! Bitches and they kids were waiting to get in it seems. That was until I got the idea to flirt with one of the bouncers.

It worked. Me and my bestie are pretty sexy and fit so it’s no surprised. After heading inside and getting those watered down ass drinks, they announced that Chris Brown was in the club. Of course, every thirsty thot tried to get to him. Including my honorary thot of the night ass. Chris is fine and I couldn’t contain myself.

Me and bestie were on a mission to get to him so my friend began talking to one of Chris friends. Wackstar, lamestar, groupie star or whatever that nigga’s name is. I just remember him being the epitome of a male groupie. He used Chris’ status to talk to females and it worked on my bestie. Little did he know, we weren’t checking for him. It was Chris.

Wackstar, (how befitting) got us in their section and I managed to get beside Chris. Let me tell you something!!! That man smelled like unicorn tears, Team Breezy’s money, heaven, and just like a man should! I wanted to lather some candy or any treat and lick it off him. That’s just how fine he is in person. Ya’ll just see a little in photos. This man is gorgeous in person. His style, swag, charm etc. Anyway, he was mostly zoned out and clearly not sober of course.

So, I caught his attention and told him I was a big fan of his. He replied, “Thank you baby.” He then asked one of his male groupies/assistants/nut washers to get my name and number. After he got my number, he pretty much kept to himself and didn’t say anything else to me the entire night and I didn’t wanna seem like a groupie so I didn’t bother him much after that.

It started to hit me and I secretly wondered if he would even call. Did he just get my number for keeps? I kept that on my mind until me and bestie/boo thot , side kick left. I was silent on the way home until I got a text from an unsaved number a little after 2. Come to find out, it was Chris. He asked me what I was doing. I said getting ready for sleep. He replied with I should let him put me to sleep. A bitch was blushing hard as fuck by this time!! What ?! Not me. That’s all I could think at this point. I accepted his offer and he sent a car to get me after getting my bestie address.

I got to his house and the weed aroma hit me immediately. He was walking around the house shirtless with sweats on and signaled for me to come to him. He got straight to the point and told me to get on my knees. Like an obedient girl, I did and babyyyy. His long, yellow sword tasted like bananas. It was so nutritious to me. I deep throated him like my life depended on it. He was so full and hard in my mouth. I didn’t know his dick could get that much longer. Ya’ll don’t sleep on CB! He is blessed ! I sucked his dick for 3 minutes and he was doing this sexy, raspy grunt. That shit turned me on and had me dripping like rain.

What happened next, stunned me. He pushed me against the wall roughly and kissed me intensely. My spine danced with a tingling, fluid rhythm. Yes, fluid rhythm. He brings out the damn author in me. I could write a book on this nigga’z dick game!!! We were kissing and he transformed into a sex beast. He ripped my dress off in one tug and not once broke the kiss! He then carried me over to the couch. He pulled a condom out, put it on and got to work.

Chris was very aggressive and rough. It had slob spilling out my mouth at how good he was fucking me. He was rhythmic and working that back. Daddy long stroke for sure! I think I came two times already in five minutes. It was so damn intense. Please ladies do NOT let Chris stare into your eyes like I did. That’s how he makes you his slave demon. Tears flooded my eyes and my body shook like I was possessed. That nigga took my soul. That’s why I can’t even feel anything anymore.

Orgasm after orgasm and he still wasn’t done! He fucked me like sex was a sport. I can’t even count how many positions he put me in. All I know I was sore, tired, and on my way to God. That nigga was fucking me so Good I told him he could fuck my mama and my grandma if he wanted. I wanted them both to know why I loved this man so they wouldn’t ask me anymore!! He laughed it off and continued fucking me. About an hour later after he drained me, he carried me to his bedroom and we both fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke up thinking I was dreaming. I felt like I was levitating. I stared at him to make sure I wasn’t and he asked, “What you doing today?”

I replied with, “Nothing. Why?”

He said, “Well I got something to do so….”

Oh well! It was fun while it lasted. I regret nothing. Now i see why Karrueche couldn’t let that dick go! I damn near wanted to slap him for kicking me out. How he gonna break up with me after I put up with his shit all night! Still was good tho.

Chris, did you do this??

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