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Groupie Tales – “I Hooked Up With The Game In Denver”

We’ve got a new Groupie Tale for you guys today. This one is on The Game. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve received a story on the Compton rapper, though. Let’s see if this one measures up.


Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 


“So there was an all white party in Denver and  since I got VIP, I was able to be by the stage.  Everything was cool and then once Game got off stage and saw me, he hugged me and asked what my name was.  Before I could reply, a fight broke out and his security ran him through the back.
Thought nothing of it until I woke up with a DM from one of his friends, AR (Avante Rose),  telling me to text him.  I wasn’t going to but he messaged me 4 times.  So, finally I hit him up & asked why he wanted me to contact him. He told me he’s with The Game and to come say what’s up. He sent me the address and FaceTimed me so I knew it was legit. I then went with my friend Bryan so he can record everything.  He went thru the back door I went through the front and met up with him .
Avante was acting weird like he wanted to fuck me but I made it clear I wanted to fuck The Game.  As I was leaving,  I ran into his manager Wack who I met the night before because he was by the stage with me . I told him I was pissed that someone else from the crew brought me here and I didn’t even get to meet Game . Wack told me stay in the lobby and he’ll be back. He came back and said Game wants to see me so let’s go .. (Bryan my friend was still sitting down recording everything).
So I went up to the 10th level and they took me in a room, before they took me to Game’s room, they made me sign some paper and then we went to him. Wack took my phone and Game gave me the best night of my life ;).
I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me.  He was wearing sweats. I told him “take them off ” and he said “help me,” so I pulled em down a little and sucked his dick for like 5 minutes.  It felt like he was about to cum so I stopped and he was like “damn take all that shit off. ” So I did while he was taking off is and laid down. He got on top of me and told me “put it in.”  We fucked like that for like 3 minutes and than he turned me around and was pulling my hair and hittin from the back for awhile. Then he came all over my back and once we cleaned up, we talked and I sucked his dick again until they knocked and told him they had to leave.  Once he left at around 10pm, he told me I could stay if I want so I did while he left to AZ .”

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  1. Doubt he f*cked raw lol .. where’s the recording??

  2. Chocolate w/ Curves

    I’m soooooo jelly!!! I love The Game!!!!

  3. I’m so confused. She went over to the hotel in the morning, right? They had séx for a total of eight minutes. They were notified that it was checkout time and she was able to stay in the room past checkout and when he finally left it was 10pm? Huh? What am I missing? And she obviously didn’t read the paper she signed.

    • Where does it say that she went over in the morning? She was woken up by a text..that could have been in the late afternoon. Then she actually had your get ready and get there so….

  4. I expected more details then this. Cuz that’s my babe. If i ever get the chance to fuck him i got details on deck.

  5. Nasty ass hoes?,

  6. These broads be way to proud to say they sucked up a rapper who never uses protection! Yuck

  7. So she wanted to catch his nut and possibly an STD to say she was dicked down by the over grown man child the Game.

    ……Ch! It’s value in your coochie………use it for its worth! She could have a least got a meal out of it! But I guess she was down with a protein shake!? LOl

    I’ll talk about this on the next episode of our podcast………

  8. Nasty azz! He’s nasty too, why would anyone want to [email protected]& him? He’s probably got all kinds of std’s! Broads these days are soo gullible, and skanky these days! Have no self worth whatsoever!

  9. I think she made it all up … how did he get her name and number LOL … she said a fight broke out .. so how did he get her instagram ? how did the friend go through the back door ….. where was security ? … made her sign a paper ? … told her she can stay as he left to Arizona …. they have no contact now ?…


  10. That piece of paper you signed was obviously a nondisclosure, not to talk. Silly Thot. But, thanks for sharing your story anyway.

  11. Some of y’all lame asses seriously need to enjoy reading the gossip you do desperately crave and stop trying to question and critique every damn thing. Who knows what’s real or not.. Another thing gossip sites aren’t exactly the place to her up on ya soap box.. Y’all know what this site and thread is about. If you’re not interested in reading it move the fuck on. No one owes ya thirsty asses anything.

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