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Groupie Tales – “I Definitely Enjoyed Fetty Wap’s Company”

Did you miss the Groupie Tales? Well, they’re back, and just in time for the holidays. Were you considering becoming one of Fetty Wap’s trap queens? Read the Groupie Tale below to see if it is worth it.

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This is what happened between Fetty Wap and I. In October, I followed Fetty on Instagram, I only have approximately 25k followers, I’m an up and coming model but not very popular, so I wasn’t expecting any attention from him.  Some days pass and I got a follow back, also he liked about 3-4 of my pictures. I even got an e-mail from him later on, guess that booking info in my bio came in handy for something. Never thought he’d go for a white girl but here I am… Talking to him… I won’t detail our conversation, but long story short, he decided he wanted to fly me out to his city.

I was beyond excited, and this was an opportunity for me. So when I got to Hartsfield-Jackson, I called him and he said he called an Uber for me, I was brought to a hotel room only to be surrounded by a whole bunch of his friends, a few known video vixens, and drugs.. I’m not a drinker or smoker so I wish he would have warned me first. He grabs my waist and tells me he’s happy I’m here, we leave this room and talks to me in the hallway, he was basically asking what I was down to do and I asked him what he meant by that. I automatically knew he wanted to smash off bat, but I was beating around the bush. He instead just told me to come inside and chill with everyone. So I was in this little multi colored dress, his friend looked at me and said the dumbest shit like, “damn snowbunny got a fat ass, I know there’s gold at the end of that rainbow” Fetty just looked at him like “chill” and ended up asking them to leave… He was whispering to me most of the time, telling me I looked good and what not ….

Fast forward, everyone leaves so now it’s me and Fetty. He slapped my ass and pulled up my dress, I knew what time it is was. I ended up pulling my dress all the way up and getting on top of him. I slid my hand down his Fendi boxers and pulled his dick out. I’m jacking him off and he’s moaning so I know he’s loving it. I started sucking him off, and that drove him crazy, he had his hand on my head pulling my hair and was moaning but said “choke on it” I was trying my best to swallow it but c’mon his dick had to be at least 9 inches I can’t fit that in my throat.

Anyway, after I asked him if he wanted his face rode, he said wait pretty much but instead flipped me on my stomach, and fucked me crazy from the back, he grabbed my hair with one hand and slapped my ass with the other. It felt so damn good but hurt too. He lasted a good 20 minutes but I came before him so I didn’t care, I let him keep going until he got his nut. After that, I took a shower, he opended the door and got in with me, he lifted my leg on the little soap thing and ate my pussy. Hes a shit talker to, he was like that shit feels good huh, you bout to cum huh? Just being aggressive and nasty and he was right I did end up coming again, he took the soap and washed my body with it, I love having his hands on me, after that he ordered us some room service, and he flew me back to Portsmouth VA the next day. I definitely enjoyed Fetty’s company.

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  1. Wtf??? Fetty look like that kinda dude when it come to sex. Then again where the condom at? Why he wait to eat you in the shower??? Oh yea you must smelt ?down there at the time? JS???

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