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Groupie Tales – “I Hooked Up With Nick Young In Vegas”

We’ve got another Groupie Tale. This one is long, involves a Vegas escort, and really takes a while to get to the point… but when it gets there, it gets there. This would be our second Groupie Tale on Nick Young. Do they match up? Give the Groupie Tale a read below.

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So rewind to earlier this year in Las Vegas for the billboard awards. I didn’t attend the awards but I live and “work” in vegas so I decided to hit the strip that night. I was with a couple of co-workers you could say we met up at planet Hollywood drank a little and got up to get to work. I’m sure by now you wonder my profession and well I’m an escort.

So, it was hella busy that night everywhere and we decided to go to Caesars Palace first. When we got there we seen one of the Jonas brothers uhhhh the youngest one joe? Maybe, well anyways it’s not about him just a filler he’s a cutie by the way. Any who I caught a date out of there and by the time I got done my friends had left down to MGM. By this time the awards were over. Here’s where it gets juicy, I caught a cab down to mgm And met my friends inside near the Starbucks. They were drinking and eating so we were sitting in the area my girl seen some guys standing not to far from U.S. gold chains chubby wallets & drunk THE BEST TYPE OF TRICK ROLL only thing is they were black guys but hey it was late. So she went over and talked to them anyway I was kind of watching out the side of my eye when she waived for our other girl & myself to come over. So it was all explained downstairs near the slot machines that we are working girls and expect compensation the two guys agreed and we followed up.

The room was decent little dirty clothes and what not. But once we got upstairs they tried to switch up the price and my friends weren’t having it long story short they left & I stayed. So when am I going to drop the recently engaged ballers name soon. His two friends whose name I found out later after ig creeping are @bigmeat2000 @kendrickmsugar now to the action “big meat” (the cheapest ever) went first and paid for both him and “Kendrick”. Once they finished they said hey we have a homeboy too you trynna make some more money at first I declined because I had already spent too long upstairs with them but they offered who turns down an extra 2000 dollars.

When the door opened it was none other than Los Angeles Lakers NICK YOUNG. Sexy tall fucking ugh just everything. He had on jogger pants and a white T remember it was late so he wasn’t in billboard attire. His hating ass friends didn’t want to leave the room so He pulled me into the bathroom took off his shirt and I instantly got nervous I mean of course I’m an escort it’s my job but I was attracted to nick but I thought to myself fuck that scared shit I got paid now Ima get some good dick lol I got on my knees pulled his pants down and BAM no lie nick has THE BIGGEST DICK I’ve ever had.

I started sucking his dick it was so big when he was holding my ponytail each time I deep throated him my eyes would water but I wouldn’t gag lol skills on that ass. He moaned a little and pulled me up off my knees laid some towels down and pulled my dress off and bra. I laid down and he slid on top of me now this nigga legit got that pipe game I felt awkward moaning cause baller or not he still a trick.

He then flipped me over into doggy style (I now see why iggy didn’t give a fuck bout him cheating nick is a god in bed) and went the fuck innnnnn slapped my ass pulled my ponytail while he was smashing and nutted. When nick got up he wasn’t all weird with the condom like most other famous men I’ve encountered I took it off for him & flushed it. After we got dressed we chatted for awhile about random shit exchanged numbers and I left. One of my best sexual encounters I’ve ever had.

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