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Groupie Tales – “It Goes Down In The DM With The Game”

We’ve got our first Groupie Tales submission of 2016 and it goes out to none other than The Game. According to this young lady, she got down with the Cali rapper just a few days ago. We’ve seen the “print,” do you think he knows how to work it? Read below and find out.

Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 


“I met the Game on Instagram. I saw him last year in a Las Vegas club, where I live but never actual spoke to him, never knew he even saw me. So fast forward two days ago, he randomly slid in my DM and made small talk, said I looked familiar, asked me where I was from, age, all of that basic shit before they ask for what they really want. He gave me his e-mail, I gave him my number, and he decided to FaceTime me soon after, he immediately complimented me, telling me I was pretty and so on so forth. I asked him about himself, he described himself and what his true intentions were, and they matched mine, and asked if I would come to his show in Orange County the next day.

So I took that precious three and a half hour drive to go see him, on the way, he FaceTimed me saying when I got there to call this number to speak with his manager and they will let me backstage. When I arrived, I parked and was greeted by a manager who indeed took me backstage. Game is a great performer on the stage, the whole time listening to him I was just wondering if he was good on stage as in bed. When he got off stage, all sweaty, he saw me, glowed up, and gave me a seriously big and warm hug. Feeling his muscles while he hugged me I was instantly wet.

Game and his entourage had a hotel nearby that we went to. Game took a shower while I was on the bed, I thought I’d speed up the process by being in only VS thong when he returned from the shower. He was taking a while and the door was cracked so I took that as a sign, I went in, and got behind him. He didn’t look surprised to see me, actually I knew that’s what he was expecting. I’m a pretty small girl but he lifted me up and put my legs on his shoulder while I was holding on to the shower rod and he started eating my pussy. It felt so good, nobody does it better than him I swear.

He then took me down, we were laying on the floor of the shower and he began eating my ass. Putting his tongue up and down from my ass to my pussy continuously. I came all over that sexy face of his. We switched positions and saw his dick was hard already from making me cum, now it was time to return the favor. I slurped his dick like a push-pop, and put his balls in my mouth too. He loved every second. Then I got on top and began to ride him. He loved that, I was looking into his eyes the whole time. Then he put me on my side and fucked me like that. If a good dick award was thing, he would get first place. I’m no rookie, I’ve been around the block a few times but nobody did it better than him.

After we finished, we dried off and laid our naked bodies on the bed for a bit. I was sitting on his lap, eating his Doritos, talking to him like a friend you know. It was an amazing time, we literally had conversations about everything, sex to politics. I love his body but not only that his mind, he’s a really intellectual person. So after, he told me had to hit Daygo after and had his assistant bring me back to my car and that was that.”

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