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Groupie Tales: “Love & Hip Hop Houston’s Sauce Walka Tried To Recruit Me”

Now that Love and Hip Hop Houston has announced their cast, it was only a matter of time before someone sent in a Groupie Tale. Today’s Groupie Tale is about Love & Hip Hop Houston’s Sauce Walka, one half of the Sauce Twins. While a lot of you may not know him now, it’s likely that you will see a lot of him on VH1. Get to know him now via one of his sexcapades below.

Hint: You’ll get a kick out of the ending so keep reading!

Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 

“I’ve been hesitating on telling my story but f*ck it, he’s probably tried this a lot. I’m warning ladies to stay away!

Okay so I met Sauce Walka at Vlive in Houston. I was visiting from San Antonio, so me and my friend decide to hit the strip to see some beautiful women, eat good food, and ultimately have a good time.

I noticed Walka in the corner with a white girl and the other Sauce Twin. So we made eye contact but neither one us talked until I went to the bar to get a drink and saw him get up and come behind me. He was talking to me, telling me I was very beautiful, asking where I was from, complimenting me and all of that, telling me I look like a lot of money (Okay?).

So at the end of the conversation we exchanged numbers and I told him I’d call once I leave. Me and my friend stayed for a few more hours just enjoying the vibe of the club but as soon as we left, I called him, he didn’t asnwer. Then I got a call like a few minutes later he was telling me to come to his condo. It was 20 minutes from my hotel so I literally walked there.

I got to the condo, he came down let me in and brought me inside. Tell me why there’s so many people in this approx. 950ft condo. There’e white girls on the sofa, and some TSF members in the kitchen, made me nervous AF.

Anyway Walka took me to his room where he was playing mortal kombat and we were talking. Like a few minutes later he grips my thigh and things take off from there. I’m licking his stomach down to his privates and he does the same for me, his dick is pretty nice medium sized but pretty and he loves missionary when I tried to flip over for doggy he flipped me back over for missionary. It was pretty decent and after he let me use his shower.

I laid back on the bed and he pretty much changed mood wise, got real serious, and asked me if I wanted to be his hoe. As in PAY HIM for working? WTF you just gave me dick and expect me to work for you? That is what made me sick. I can have sex with a man and not be a hoe after especially a working one! He explained the procedure and how white girls are worth more, so on….so that’s when I pieced everything together!

So ladies use this as a warning that everything that glitters ain’t gold, he lured me in with his chains and diamonds but he had different intentions and used his glitz and dick to try to make me a working girl! Beware.”

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