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Groupie Tales – “Me, My Girl & Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs”

We’ve got another groupie tale, this time about Baltimore Raves linebacker, Terrell Suggs. Is it a good tale? A bad tale? I’m not sure. What I do know is that the young lady that submitted it, is a professional. Read the entire Groupie Tale below.

Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: eleven8@balleralert.com You can remain anonymous. 

So it was a pretty casual Friday night in Phoenix when my best friend and I decided to hit the town for some fun. We got to the club and said our hellos to a few different groups when we ran into Terrell Suggs. I spoke, he said what’s up and that he had lost my number. He asked for it again. I gave it to him.

After the club we stopped at my friend’s condo to change before we went to an afterhours spot. In the middle of changing, Terrell hit me and asked what I was up to. He wanted to know if my friend and I wanted to come through, I put him on hold and asked my friend if she was down to go. After a few mins of going back and forth, we were on our way to north Scottsdale to chill at a so-called “get together” at his house.

We showed up and it looked like a little more than a get together. There was some white girl throwing up in the drive way. Some guys was trying to the white girls to leave. We passed the drunk girls and laughed while walking into the house. We stopped in the kitchen, where there was people talking and taking shots.

After my friend and I were conversing, Terrell came into the kitchen and asked us to follow him. We walked down a hallway, to the right of the entry way and went down to his room. He said he wanted us to get undressed. My friend and I looked at each other and said fuck it. We started getting undressed. Terrell turned the TV to one of the XM radio channels on the TV. We all got into the bed. He asked us to lick his nipples. At first I kind of looked at him funny and thought it was weird but we did it anyway. From the sounds of things, he was getting turned on at this point.

He told my friend to go to the end of the bed and stand up. He got out of the bed, picked her up and put her on his shoulders. I looked over and this man was eating her out in the middle of the room. In my mind, I thought that he was going to put it down from the way he licking her. He was eating it so good that he ended up swallowing her clit ring.

After a few mins he got back in the bed. He and I started to go at it. He was kissing all over me and then I started to give him head. At this point, he was about to nut so he wanted me to stop sucking. I started to ride him then he flipped me over to ride it reverse. His dick was so small, I barely felt it. I was disappointed I wasted my time. From the body size, I thought he would be much bigger.

It felt like as soon as we started, it ended. He needed to take a break. I asked him for a towel because it was so much sweat. The sex lasted about three songs. He couldn’t go another round because he was tired. He went to the bathroom to clean up. He yelled from the bathroom when he was going to fly us out to Baltimore for a round two. His boy knocked on the door telling him, it was time for him to get to the airport. About three weeks later, he offered us money to come to Baltimore to see him. We declined the offer. We had already accepted an invite to visit some Houston Rockets.

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