Groupie Tales – Quavo Likes The Bad & Boujee Girls In Houston

It’s everyone’s favorite Baller Alert feature, Groupie Tales are back!!! Last year we got Groupie Tales about Quavo and Offset of Migos (you can read about those Here and Here).  Now it looks like we’ve got yet another Tale about Quavo. Read it below!


Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. Wanna share your story? Email: [email protected] You can remain anonymous. 


” October 21, 2016  – Here’s how it happened. The Migos performed at Texas Southern University. After the performance, they were getting ready to leave. My friends & I knew they were going out the side door so we stood inside by the door. My friends are scary tho. I’m bold as fuck, I don’t care.


When they went to walk past us, I introduced myself. They stopped and spoke for a while since it was three of them & three of us ( not including their bodyguards & their little crew). Quavo was the first to say they had to go but he gave me his number & told me shoot him a text around 12.


12:01 I was sending a text. He asked did we wanna link but my friends were being lame. I told him just me. I told him I lived on campus at TSU so that’s where he came and got me from.  I’m guessing it was a rental car but it was nice. I was fresh out the shower and when I got in the car (front seat cause it was just us) he was like “damn you smell good” I was like “I’m a girl how am I supposed to smell”? Then he had the air on full blast freezing me. We listened to the radio as he was driving. I was looking out the window nervous asf. He asked me did I smoke. I said yea so we smoked while we were riding.


We went to the St. Regis hotel on Briar Oaks. I had never been to a real nice hotel like that before. When we pulled up I thought he would be all stuck up and  valet park his car but he didn’t. He took me up to his room & it was so amazing. It was like a house in a hotel. When you first walk in to your left it’s this coat closet and a little farther down to the right its this really huge master bathroom. Offset & Takeoff was sitting in there talking but I only saw one bed I was confused at first but there was a hallway on the side I guess led to their beds.


So keep in mind I’m high asf. I go in the bathroom & try to sober up cause now I’m  paranoid  cause I’m the only girl I was thinking like what if they think I’m tryna flip (have sex wit all of them) so Quavo knocked on the door. I said yea? He opened the door and walked in then closed it behind him. He asked me was I good? I’m tryna act like he a regular guy I’m just like yea I’m okay. Offset knocked on the door & say something I don’t know what cause they got they own little code to speak in. Quavo laugh then say nah we good here I come.


He turn around kiss my mouth real quick then said that’s a million dollar kiss don’t tell nobody and walks out the bathroom. At this point I’m beyond freaked out I was finna tell him I was ready to go home. I walk out the bathroom and everybody but Quavo was gone. I asked where they went and he said they was hungry then started laughing like a weirdo so now I’m like yep this nigga crazy. He tells me I can sit down on the bed that I don’t have to stand. I was like what kinda game he running cause I’m not a groupie if he thought otherwise. He said he wasn’t running no game. He said I seemed cool but he ain’t do relationships cause he traveled a lot. I was like so you ain’t get me here tryna fuck? He said nah that must be what’s on your mind and he laughed again. I said so what we gon do. He hands me the remote and said we can watch tv. I put on Disney channel cause it’s late & that’s when all the good stuff on. We watching that’s so raven and I had shorts on so I’m cold. He must have noticed and told me I can get under the covers. I did but I was tryna stay on my side. That ain’t happen.


We end up laid up watching tv. I started getting sleepy. He started rubbing  my thigh. He was like I know you ain’t sleep and kissed my neck. He getting me hot so climb on top of him and started kissing & sucking his neck.   He stopped me & told me don’t leave no marks if I wanted to I had to do it on his stomach. I said nah cause it was to close to his stuff. He said, you don’t suck? I said only if you eat. He was like oh ight. Which I guess meant no. He helped me take my shirt off and was kissing my collarbone. When he touched my kat on top of my shorts he said damn you already wet asf. I just smiled.


He pulled my shorts & thong off. He was like hold on. He got out the bed & came back wit a condom. He unbutton his shirt and his belt. Then he slid his pants down. At this time I’m rethinking should I do this. He pulled his meat out thru the hole in his boxers & I’m like yep do it. He put that condom on and it was started. He knew just what to do too. When he was hitting from the back he was pulling my hair. Then I was riding it when offset and takeoff walked in. Quavo flipped us and threw the covers over us. Offset & takeoff laughing and was like ok ok we leaving and I hear the door open and close. We finished. I’m laying down falling asleep and quavo went took a shower. He wake me up when he got out and told me he was finna drop me off at home. While he was driving me home he asked was I hungry I said no. When we got to back on campus he told me text him as soon as I step in the door. Which I did. We stayed in contact. When he in Houston he hits my phone. When I heard he was talk to Chris Brown ex I asked him about it. He claimed it wasn’t like that. But when I asked was they fuckin he asked what that had to do wit anything. So I told him if he fuckin her put me on wit lucci and I guess that pissed him off and we don’t talk no more. Truth is I miss him tho. “

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