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Groupie Tales – The Fastest Man In The World, Usain Bolt

We have another Groupie Tale, this time on the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Is he fast at other things, too? Keep reading the Groupie Tale below to find out.

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So it was about this time last Year when me and my cousin visited Jamaica. We take frequent trips to Jamaica because most of our family resides there. At about 3pm we came off the plane and headed to my cousin moms house (my aunt) and started a little drinking. We brought several bottle of Rosé and Moet with us and in return we would take back some Appleton and Wray & Nephew Rum. We then headed to Hellshire beach and had some fish and lobster with some of our family and friends. While sitting on one of the wooden benches on the beach I  saw one of my friends that owns a popular night club next to Usain’s restaurant. We hug and did a little catching up and he invited my cousin and I to a uptown lingerie house party. Not having a lingerie I  decided to wear a black body suit and some thigh high boots.

We reached the party at about 12 ish. There were quite a few people there taking vodka shots and doing hookahs. Needless to say the party was nice and my cousin and I were dancing etc. Then I heard the DJ announced that Usain was in the house. I asked my cousin to follow me to the restroom because I wanted to pee and freshen my make up. I had gotten an headache from drinking so much liquor that I was almost ready to leave but my cousin wasn’t because she had been mingling with some of the rich guys.

So walking by to get back to where we were in the house and someone stopped me saying “the boss wanna talk to you” I then replied, “who’s the boss” and he said Usain. I told him no I can’t right now, and when I looked over he was making direct eye contact with me. There were several white/mixed girls surrounding him and I didn’t want to just go over there. Back at our spot I saw that he moved closer and was making eye contact with me, then the same guy came over and told me to come to the back of the house, so I did. Standing there for about 5 minutes I was getting frustrated when he came behind me and held me. He said ” why are you ignoring me?” I told him I wasn’t but too much people were around him. He asked what I was doing for the rest of the night and I told him I have an headache and I finna go home. Then he said “you know what are good for headaches?” I said no, and was playing a little hard to get. Then eventually after all the talking I told my cousin I was leaving and she said she was gonna hang for bit more.

I hopped in is car and he’s there driving and rubbing my legs asking if I live in Jamaica and so on. Finally reaching his bedroom he asked if I wanted to hop in the shower with him and I did we began kissing and he’s there washing my back with soap. He made me feel like a queen that night. I the jumped on him and there he took me to the bed room dripping wet kissing me while he lay me on the bed. He was sucking my breast and was kissing me all over and then I thought he was gonna go down but he didn’t. I guess Jamaican men still won’t go down. Then I went on top kissing him, licking his chest and abs. He thought I was gonna give him head but I didn’t because if he not giving any he ain’t receiving any. He then took out a condom and let me tell you he has a really nice size dick. I turned back way and had to jump a bit when he entered he was there stroking and I was so excited that I came within 5 minutes.

I got on top and riding this time he was making all different type of moaning sounds as if he is fighting himself not to cum. We fucked all over the bedroom, I was even on his night table with my legs bust opened. Ladies Usain is a stallion he lifted me up and was piping me in a way I’ve never felt before. So after he came we were there laying in bed and he was rubbing me asking if I wanted to go again I said no because he had already pleased me. He’s such a softie, touching me rubbing my hair etc we both fell asleep. My alarm went off that’s how I woke up I then put my clothes back on and took one of his gym shorts this is like 5:30am. I didn’t want to wake him so I called a taxi and left. My friend that invited me to the party called me later that day telling me Usain needed my number so I told him no its best things stay the way it is because I started off wrong already. But none the less I was PLEASED.

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