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Groupie Tales – Will Gay Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

We’ve got another Groupie Tale, this time about Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, Will Gay.  This one is short, sweet and to the point. If the name Will Gay sounds familiar, it was rumored that Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was once dating him — and when I say “once”, I mean a couple of months ago.

Read the tale below to find out whether this Pittsburgh Steeler can put it down.

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Just like any other professional athlete, they stay in girls DM’s. He hit me up about a year ago. We talked a little on IG, then he asked for my number. The back & forth convos lasted a while before him asking would I be able to come out & see him. It seemed like every time it came up our schedules never matched until this 1 time …..

He asks if I could come out to where he was & I accepted. Everything was taken care of & once I finally got to where he was he was cool as hell. We partied all weekend but the 1st night was something serious. We turned up so hard all I wanted to do was get back to our hotel. As soon as we hit the door we went at it. He laid me across the bed & OMG this mans tongue is magical!

He finally turns around to where we’re in a “Reversed 69” position & I could barely breathe I wasn’t ready for the D!! So finally he picks me up & demanded I ride him. -All the smaking,choking,& grabbing had me running! He talks so nasty & freaky I was turned on. He literally had me doing shit I didn’t think I’d ever agree to do. After we finished all I could do was lay there……legs locked I couldn’t move. The rest of the weekend was dope. Most girls encounters with these guys are damn near horror stories , but nope not this one. He has a big one & knows how to use it. ( I have receipts don’t make me use them lol )

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