Go BA, its our birthday, we gon’ party like its our birthday. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. It was a year ago today that I was introduced to such a great opportunity. For me it was totally a blessing in disguise.
I was always told that when one door closes, millions other open.

Looking for an avenue to get my voice heard, BallerAlert called out. It was here that I’ve come across so many women whom I’ve learned so much from. A community for the elite socialite is what I like to call us.
Many hate us, yet so many want to be like us. Can I get an AMEN?

Here we are a few months into the year & we’ve already had a few memorable moments. It keeps getting better. Trust, between Boss & I, we have more tricks up our sleeve than Merlin the magician.

To all members, past, present & future, thanks for everything. Lets triple our worth this go round. Tell a friend of a friend that we can be friends here on BallerAlert.

Now let the celebration begin!

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