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He is the Sexiest Singer Out There Right Now!!!!!!!

Ok…I normally don’t blog, I’m a longtime lurker. However, when I saw/heard this man I HAD to say something. His name is Pretty Willie and he’s a singer who used to be signed with Universal. Right now he’s singing again, writing for artists (such as Plies, Trey Songz), modeling for Gilette, AND acting….but I digress.

Not only is he F-I-N-E but I will put money up that he can sing the drawls off anyone on this entire site….hell, he damn near had mine off and I just heard him on the radio!

I don’t stan for anybody but he’s damn close to making me stan for him. The sad part is, I’m engaged to a ball player and satisfied emotionally, fiscally and every other way possible- except physically. I think I may look him up soon……

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