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Health Tip: Baller’s Love Happy Girls – How To LIve A Healthier, Happier Life

How To Live a Healthier, Happier Life

Experts have concluded that happiness is really a question of consciousness. Often, it’s really how we interpret things that determines how happy or unhappy we are. Choosing to think positively for instance, when studying for an exam, will make you feel stressed and lighten your mood — as compared to opting to think negatively. It’s been proven that positive thinking can give you a high that may last 10 to 15 minutes — even more if you make it a way of life.

Get into that blissful state these feel-good techniques you can try.

Be Happy! Endorphins, substances naturally produced by our bodies, are the happy hormones that make us feel good. It’s no wonder why they’re sometimes called our body’s natural painkillers: When the body is worked out, endorphins are released — giving one a mood and energy boost for up to three hour, or even a mild buzz for up to a day.

Endorphins influence the immune system and can reduce stress, so being happy actually makes us healthy!

On the other hand, substance called serotonin plays a big part in regulating our mood. It increases one’s general sense of well-being to joyous heights. A shortage of serotonin can make one gloomy and unhappy.

How to hit a natural high: Do what you love to do. Whether it’s shopping, taking a trip out of town, gabbing with your girlfriends, or sleeping — these can bring on feelings of contentment and a sense of accomplishment.

Get Creative. Painting, sketching, writing a poem or even redesigning your room can bring your imagination to different heights and new, exciting worlds. Your mind travels to uncharted territory — even when your body is safe at home. Plus, you get a wonderful high from creating something on your own.

Make Small Talk. Don’t think twice about complimenting a classmate or a colleague or telling her what a great day it is. These kinds of “trivialities” have a calming effect on your body’s biochemical system. So strike up a conversation — it’ll improve your conversational skills, not to mention boost both your and your friend’s moods.

Crack a Joke. Laughter releases happy hormones and chemicals throughout the body and gives you an intense oxygen hit at the same time. Watch a sitcom to trigger hormones that will keep you smiling all evening. Failed at something? Find humor in it, and learn to laugh at yourself — with a mental note to do better, of course.

Be a Best Bud. Go out there and nurture friendships. Studies have shown that “extroverts are happier than people who isolate themselves.” That’s because extroverts smile more, receive more non-verbal signals, and ask more questions. Remember, it’s not how many friends you have — it’s how strong your friendships are that makes you happy.

Find “me” time. Focusing on one’s self can give one a great confidence boost. It also leads one to re-evaluate our self-image, which is a step towards positivism and happiness.

Be with someone you love or you can love. Of all the external stimuli that animate the human brain, none works so strongly as another person. Love is generally considered the greatest high you can get in life. So say yes to family dinner, hang out with your favorite person, or play with your pet pooch! If you don’t have someone, look for one. It’s never too late to find the right one and fall in love. (from glamourgirls)

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