How To Give Your Baller A Lap Dance – Bring The Strip Club Home!

How to give a lap dance

Key Ingredients: music, heels (or barefoot), lap, ground rules.

Music: The music should have a good beat and not too slow. A steady pace is key. Your lapdance can take part in choosing the right music. Hip-Hop is usually a safe choice. Whatever you like.

Heels(or bare foot): Heels can make your legs look much better, add some definition to the calves. if you choose to go barefoot, some polish is a good idea. Remove any bumps and ruff parts if you can.

Lap: Very necessary component. Dressed or nude, your choice. You’re the boss.

Ground Rules: The point of a good lap dance is to arouse your partner, maybe even prep them for some lov’n. Set the rules. The most common one is no touching, for most people having some one take control of their pleasure is a turn on. Add in any others that you see fit.

Getting Started: Stand a few feet away from the lapdancee and start to bump your hips from side to side, in tandem with the music. slowly walk toward them. To have them stand in front of a chair (preferably with armrests) and push them onto it and state the rules of the lap dance is super sexy. Give them a sweet and gentle kiss, this will only make the whole thing hotter, contrast is important. from here you can do any of following and rotate this as you wish. Practice these moves in front of a full length mirror to which you find the most flattering and sexy. this shouldn’t cause you to neglect to others, alternate all of them for a full range of motion.

Grinding: Teasingly back yourself onto the receivers lap, start with slow soft circles and work into faster rough circles. the size of the circle isn’t very important but try not to look like sumo wrester.

Temptation Sway: About three feet from his/her knees bend over with your bum facing them. as far as you can, you don’t need to be a gymnast for this to look good though. shift your weight back and forth, this will take some practice. use your ankles and knees to create more of a vibration.

Breasts and Straddling: While on their lap with your knees by their hips and your feet by their groin (careful not cause them too much pain) start to make some slow gyrations with your hips, like you’re humping an imaginary penis. Up an down, back and forth motions do just fine. While facing them on their lap either gently or roughly push your breasts in his/her face (if you don’t have breasts this step can be skipped). He/she will love it!

Other tips… -Touch the receiver gently then rough. -After a gentle lap dance consider giving your partner a gentle massage with tingling lubricant or warming lubricant, both can be found in drug store and can double for a personal lubricant.
– Try some dirty talk to spice things up.”you like that?” “oh, i like it when you kiss me there” “ooooo…that feels so good” and so on…

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