Do you get tired of being that one guy or girl at the party who sits alone in the corner watching everyone else dance, chit-chat, make friends, and have fun? Everyone wants to get noticed at social events and parties once in a while. Yes, even the shy ones! If you’re generally a shy person, some of these things may seem difficult to do at first. No need to sweat! It’s normal. Once you push yourself to do it once, you`ll notice yourself doing it more and more. It will all start to come naturally. Before you know it, you`ll be the life of the party!

Be well groomed. Make sure you showered before getting to the event! Cleanliness/personal hygiene is crucial. (Girls: Use natural looking makeup; overdoing it will not work.) Use deodorant, brush your teeth, clean your ears, put on a pleasant scent of your particular liking, go to the salon and get a new hairdo, wax your eyebrows, get a manicure/pedicure. Give yourself a fun new look that suits your personal style.

Wear a fun, bright outfit. Make sure it makes you feel beautiful! This can definitely boost your confidence and make people notice you.

Be comfortable with yourself. Be yourself. Be free spirited. Don’t be too self-conscious! Be confident. If you’re not – pretend you’re confident. This may mean challenging yourself in ways you never thought of before, but you’d be amazed by how good it can make you feel once you do it. When talking to someone, don’t think about yourself or what the other person might be thinking about you unless they give you weird looks. It can make you more nervous, and it can show. but focus on the other person instead. Ask questions, smile, pay attention to what they’re saying, and look them in the eye.

Smile brightly! This is essential. Always having a smile on gives out positive vibes and makes people feel more comfortable around you, and makes you look more approachable.

Be polite and friendly. If someone talks to you, be interested in what they have to say. Nod occasionally, throw in a “Yeah”, “Uh huh”, “I see”, “Oh cool” or anything that suggests that you’re actually listening to them and not falling asleep. If you like someone’s shoes, tell them! Compliment people. A good thought about someone is worthless unless it is said out loud. However, don’t be fake! Don’t say you like someone’s new hairdo if you think it’s obnoxious. Be real and honest. Your thoughts will be valued.

Try to talk to everyone. Don’t always expect others to initiate the conversation. If they don’t feel any vibes coming from you, chances are they won’t be too interested in talking to you either. So, talk to people! Ask how they’re doing, if they’re having a good time so far, if they ran into any friends, what’s new in their life lately, etc. Don’t stick to one group of friends the whole time (but don’t ditch them either). Move around a little, try to interact with as many people as possible. As for the people you don’t know – introduce yourself. Smile bright, make eye contact, make conversation and show them that you are a person with an awesome personality that is worth getting to know. One important rule of making good conversation is not to agree with everything they say. You are an individual. Express your opinions! Also, people love talking about themselves. So, listen to them when they’re talking to you!

Have a good sense of humor. Know when to be serious, but cracking a joke once in a while or using your wit can definitely lighten the mood. Share a funny situation you have been in. Laughs are one of the best ways to attract a crowd. This will also make people remember you as a fun person they like being around!

Do something unexpected. Jump in the pool, bust loose on the dance floor like no one’s watching, crack a silly joke, be witty, play a practical joke on someone, go crazy! This will make people remember you – and you being there could possibly be the highlight of the event! Don’t overdo it, however. You might risk looking attention starved or a bit over the top. Be original and tasteful, not foolish and obnoxious.

Let loose when you laugh. A confident person laughs out loud, and a person who laughs out loud gets attention. Think Cameron Diaz, she has a famously quirky laugh. Laughing at jokes or situations shows a confident, light hearted sense of humor and makes others want to be around you.

Be happy overall. To sum it all up, just be happy! Smile, be sweet, laugh if someone tells a joke. This gives you a happier glow and tells people you’re content and up to have a good time.

The Entry: Keep a good posture. Stand up straight as you’re walking in. Try not to slouch. Smile and make eye contact. Look around for someone you know. Greet those who recognize you. Say “hi” if you run into any friends. Introduce yourself to people you don’t know.

The Exit: Let everyone know you’re leaving. Thank the host and say you had a good time. Say “it was nice meeting you” to people you just met. Smile as you make your exit.

‘Outstaying your welcome’. If you’re with old buddies and you plan to sleep where you land and discuss the night’s activities over breakfast, you are in one of the few situations where this does not apply. In most party situations, you will be remembered at your best if you make your entrance, socialize, and make your exit before people want you to leave.

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