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Illinois Woman Sues Atlanta Nightclub After Sexual Assault Caught On Facebook Live

A woman, who was recorded being raped via Facebook Live in an Atlanta nightclub, is suing the club owners.

Jasmine Eiland told reporters she is a “victim, but I’m a survivor as well,” during a news conference about her sexual assault. On Jan. 20, the Illinois native took a trip to Atlanta to celebrate her 30th birthday, while there she visited the Opera Atlanta. In the footage that was streamed on Facebook Live, you can see Eiland appearing heavily intoxicated and unresponsive while on the dancefloor. Viewers can then see the suspect Dominque Williams come from behind Eiland and begin fondling her and pushing her to drink more.

Eventually, the man begins undressing Eiland’s undergarments, pulls his own pants down and proceeds to sexually assault her. Later, she can be seen shouting for help in a slurred voice, repeatedly screaming “somebody help me” and “stop” with tears rolling down her face, which is heard clearly on the recording. Eiland’s attorney, L. Chris Stewart, says she was assaulted – once on the dance floor and again in an off-limits outdoor area. The Facebook video was taken down shortly after the incident. A spokesperson for the company told CNN that Facebook does “not allow content that depicts sexual violence or assault.”

Now, Eiland has filed a lawsuit against the club for its negligence, which she claims was due to its lack of security, as the club was hosting an #AugustAlsina concert the same night. “She went from coherent, having fun … to being out of it,” Stewart said. “They chose profits over protecting the people of Atlanta,” he said. Eiland says instead of receiving support she was victim-shamed. “I figured that, had I not come forward and put my face forward, what would the next woman do?” Eiland said.

Two weeks ago, Williams, 34, turned himself in to police after officials obtained a warrant for his arrest on a charge of aggravated sodomy. Prosecutors are set to take the case to a grand jury.

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