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In 2010 your baller can pull up in one of these. Introducting the ICON A5 for only $139,000.

Looking at this gives me flashbacks of when I thought the year 2000, we would be living like the Jetsons. We might not be that far behind.

Check out the rest of the story:

Who wouldn’t want their own plane? The ICON A5 ($139,000; 2010) is a two-seat sport airplane aimed at the masses. Designed to be “predictable and easy-to-fly,” the lightweight personal aircraft is amphibious with retractable landing gear for flying off land and water alike. The A5 features a carbon fiber airframe, a 100-hp/120-mph Rotax 912 ULS engine (that runs on both auto and aviation gas), and folding wings that allow it to be stored at home and towed on the highway with a trailer. If you don’t think your weekend piloting skills are up to par, fear not — the A5 comes with a bevy of safety features. Included will be a propeller guard, wing angle of attack indicator (sounds important), and a huge, built-in parachute that helps the entire plane come down a little easier in an emergency.

Would you let your baller pick you up in this?

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