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In honor of ALL my BALLERALERT DIVAS..This One’s for YOU!

In lieu of the recent release of Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce, I felt it necessary to honor my DIVA’S here on Balleralert. Everyone has their own definition of what a diva is, but according to the standard definition, a diva, pronounced dee-vuh, is a distinguished female singer; prima donna.

I definitely am distinguished in my own right, but I’m the furthest thing from a singer, although I will try to sing you under the table. I always state to be a woman taking care of business & on top of her game is sexy. Others will see it too, & quickly will follow suit.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always classify myself as such. As I grow older in my career & more responsibilities come my way, I’m embracing the word more. I surround myself in good company, so yes, I have diva’s all around me. After all, great minds do think alike.

So to all my diva’s I salute you. Keep doing you, keep rising to the top. And remember ladies, as a DIVA, its imperative that you attain a BALLER that compliments you.

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