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Introduce Your Baller to the Sling Box…The New Revolution in TV

We live in a digital world these days. Technology is advancing at the blink of an eye & most times, we as the consumer aren’t ready. However, we all know we have to either pee or get off the pot. Most men, as I know them, are very much in tune with the latest gadgets. With flat screens being the latest craze these days, I hate to see whats in store for us in the soon to be near future.

Ladies, wanna make your baller happy after a long day at the office, a crucial day on the practice field, or just life itself. Introduce him to the Sling Box brought to you by Sling Media. He now will be able to watch tv in the most tranquil of areas. including their throne; the bathroom. Below you will find the bio about the company & product, so feel free to treat your baller! Might I add, its not too harsh on your pockets!

Founded in 2004, Sling Media, Inc. is a different kind of consumer electronics company – one that’s working to demystify convergence technologies and to create empowering experiences for the digital media consumer. The focus of Sling Media is to embrace – not replace – existing products and standards by enhancing them with hardware and software that make divergent technologies compatible and greatly improve the consumer experience. Because, after all, can’t we all just get along?!

Sling Media’s first product, internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox™, has literally transformed the way we are able to watch TV. The Slingbox turns any Internet-connected PC or laptop, Mac, or smartphone into your home television. That means you can watch TV virtually anywhere in the world.

Sling Media’s innovative SlingPlayer™ software connects users on all types of computing platforms to their Slingbox which then gives them complete control over their living room TV. The Slingbox gives customers the ability to control any Audio/Video device including analog cable, a digital cable box, satellite receiver, digital video recorder (DVR) a DVD player or even a still video camera. The SlingPlayer applications are fully compatible with all Slingboxes sold today. as taken from the official website (www,slingmedia.com)

Sling Player Desktop

Sling Player Mobile

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