Introducing Mr. BA himself: Mr. Jack Benjamin- Ames :The truth and a New Discovery Part 4 Completed

The last few days were filled with excitement for Jack. Horace and Jacob were at his parents’ house since Almira requested that the boys go there since Jack was going to be away for the weekend. The new intern was proving to be not a only a hard worker but a good worker and his trip to New York City for the Advertisers Convention has proven to be very fruitful as well as fun. The fun part being that he got to drink expensive wine and fuck the one and only Kay Wilson. It was a surprise to him that they would be staying at the same hotel. That particular hotel was very pricey not that Jack had any problems with that. He had did his homework on her and found her very interesting. One of the most interesting bit of information he found out about her was that she used to work for JMC. She started out at the bottom and over the years she found her way to the top with her own company which was proving to be quite a competitive force in the industry and that as not good for JMC at this point. Since Jack had been at JMC he had eliminated over 200 hundred jobs, lowered the salaries of under performing workers and cut the executive perks in half. Not bad for only two months on the jobs most would say bit Jack was still not satisfied. There was still so much to do. He intended to see if he could save the company. If he did then there was millions of dollars that would be given to him if not then it would be his job to help easy the company into bankruptcy and he would still get paid well but not as well. Either way it would be good for him and he was determined to save the company anyway after all he did have a reputation to he wanted to keep up.

As Jack made his way through the office and out he building of JMC after working hard this Monday he got into his car and his driver sped off into the traffic. Jack’s thoughts went back to Kay Wilson. She was a good fuck that was for sure but he still did appreciate that she bit him. He got her back for that but his thoughts traveled back to her in her hotel room. In all honesty he wanted to hit that again, he reached into his pants pocket and took out her thong. A little memento he took as he was leaving the room. Since he didn’t receive any calls from her office he assumed that she hadn’t noticed. He looked at the thong in his hand and put it to his nose to smell her again. It was then that he was positive that he has to hit it again. As his driver pulled up in front of his place he put the thong back in his pocket. He had already planned out what he was going to do next. Ms. Kay Wilson was in for a shock.

Opening the door to the apartment Jack was just in time to duck a frying pan that was aimed for his head. “What the Fuck?!”

“You bastard! How could you just sit there and watch him do that to me! I your first wife and the mother of your children and you let another man beat me!” Almira raged one and grabbed a vase and threw it full force at Jack’s head.

Jack ducked the vase and moved quickly to the side. “First of all I am not your husband and he was. If we where back in the middle east they cut you head off so consider yourself lucky and I did stop him. When I let go of him then he punched you so don’t take it on me and yes I enjoyed every minute of it. Now get out of my apartment!”

“Not so fast Jack you for get I have the boys and I am their mother. I can take them anywhere I want Jack.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Hmm now I’m, glad I got you attention. Ishmael is talking about…divorce. I can’t Emir…he can’t leave me. You must talk to him for me.”

“Well what would you like me to say to him? I don’t think there is anything I could say. This is your mess Almira and you must clean it up yourself.” Jack said to her.

“But Emir he wants me to…”

“He wants you to what?” Jack asked annoyed.

“He wants be to have a baby for him. He wants a child.”

“Again is that so unnatural. You had him thinking for years that he had children now it turns out that he doesn’t. You should give him a child or two. I think he is entitled to it.” Jack reasoned.

“Emir I am through having children. I didn’t want to have Jacob and Horace that was a miss calculation of my birth control. I’m 40 I am done with having children.”

“Well looks like you have a problem then don’t you? Why don’t you go back to your husband and try to find a way to work it out instead of staying here because there is nothing I can do about it.”

“Emir please don’t be like this. I know you can’t stand to see me unhappy. Please talk to him.” She begged him. She was trying to play on his emotions.

“I’ll think about it. Now could you please leave?” Jack said he was tried and didn’t want to deal with her anymore.

“You thinking about it isn’t good enough Emir. I need you to talk to him. What happens to me should matter to you. You better convince him to stay married to me Emir.” She said and storm out of his apartment and slammed the door.

“Why Allah, why?”

The next few days turned out to be very eventful for Jack. Kay Wilson returned his call and they meet up at a cozy restaurant and immediately after headed to her place. Her dungeon fascinated him to no end. He would love to try out some of her toys one day. He had hoped that he would get the chance to look around more but before he knew Kay had come back into the room and a few minutes later he had the best orgasm of his life. Jack smiled when he thought back on that part of the evening but his smiled widened when he thought about what he did to her after. He was surprised that she asked him to do it again but needless to say Jack fully enjoyed himself that night and it took his mind away from Almira and her drama. He planned on asking Kay out to dinner again. There was something about this woman that attracted him to her. It wasn’t just that she was a beautiful woman or that he sex was good. There was something else that he sense about her…her strength. Jack was always attracted to a strong woman and Ms. Wilson was certainly that. He couldn’t wait until seeing her in private again.

It was time for the mangers meeting at JMC and Jack was ready to hear what the boys down stairs had to say. Jim Templeton, Owen Christie, Mike Dobbson and a few others were present. It was about time to see what everyone was up to. Ms. Price had the room organized and presented the files to each of the men sitting in the room. A moment later Mrs. Lee and Mr. Smith entered the room and quickly took there seats. Jack looked around and nodded his head for Owen Christie to start the meeting.

“All right gentlemen and lady, we have had an interesting few weeks. WE have gained some ground and have two new accounts, set up three others and waiting for the checks to clear but we have had a major set back. We have lost a major account to K-maxx as we all know. A total of 150 million dollars have been lost in a very short time period and as we know the Board is extremely unhappy with that news and as a result JMC stock has taken a drive recently. If we are not careful the stock could go down further and that would not be good for many of us in this room.” Christie said to everyone.

“I’m tried to talk to Harman Marmadruke but he won’t change his mind. He is going with K-Maxx.” Jim said. He had tried everything he could think of to get Marmaduke to change his mind. Jim was dreading this meeting because it could well be his last.

“So I have heard.” Jack said ever so calmly. “Well we can’t dwell on the past so what is in the future of this company? We need more accounts and we need to maintain the ones we have or we all will be looking for a new job. Now we have two knew accounts so let’s go look over those.” Jack said.
“Well we have the Rogers & Ghett account that we are working on. We need to set up a team to deal with that account.” Mrs. Debra Lee said briefly glancing at her papers.

“How much is that account worth to us?” Jack asked.

“65 million for this campaign sir so s you can see we are going to need that team to be the best we have since if we do this one right then there are many more campaigns that Rogers & Ghett have coming up. I think it would be just the thing we need to move our stocks back up and prove that we haven’t lost it.” She said.


“I believe that this campaign should be handled by Joseph Stark. He been with us for the long haul and I am confident that he and his team can pull through on this one.” Owen Christie said more than suggested. Joe was his man and he would make sure that he wouldn’t miss out on this.

“Owen please you know Joe isn’t set up for this kind of campaign. This is about advertising a sport drink and sneaker. I think that some one younger should be on this one.” Debra said eyeing Jack.

“Oh come on we can’t pass up Joe on this one. He has seniority.”

“That’s my point he has seniority because he has been here since the dawn of time we need to give some of this young blood a chance. They have fresh ideas and are more in tune with what is going on. It seriously thinks that he should sit this one out. Let’s give the campaign to Mike Monroe, Jesse Prist and have some of the interns work on this one. We can assign a couple of senior managers and advisors to watch them work but let then have the campaign. I don’t think we have a choice on this. It’s what the competition is doing so we might as well go with the flow but row faster.” Debra concluded and waited for Jack to say something.

“I like Mrs. Lee’s idea. She is right so let’s get right too it. Give Joe Stark and his team the other campaign. Make sure that team of his is ready to work double duty I want to see a draft of the campaign by next Friday and that goes for the Mike Monroe and the team he will be heading as well. Now since I believe the major issues have been covered. I think this meeting is at an end unless someone disagrees with anything I have said and would like to say something? He asked but no one said anything to Jack. “Good the next meeting will be two weeks from today.” Everyone quickly filed out of the room not saying a word. Jack walked back to his office and no sooner did he sit down t his desk his personal assistant walked in with more work for him to do. He didn’t mind but he was wondering what Ms. Wilson was up too. After he was done with the work on his desk he picked up the phone and called Kay’s office. It was then that he found out that she has gone on vacation and would not be back until Monday so Jack decided it was time to work his magic and with a matter of minutes he was able to Kay’s whereabouts from her personal assistant. Jack soon ended the conversation and booked himself a flight out that night. He was going on a little vacation.

It was Tuesday evening and Jack was finding himself thinking about how he spent his weekend with Kay Wilson. He has really worked his mojo this time. What she said to him kept playing over and over in his mind. She claimed that she has fallen in love with him. There was something about that Jack could not quite digest just yet. He wasn’t sure if she still felt this way but if she did now what? He really wasn’t sure how far he wanted to take this. Jack really enjoyed being with her this weekend and the sex was off the chain but a woman in love with him and he falling in love was something he really hadn’t given much thought to. If love was what he and Almira had when they were married then he didn’t want it.

The knock on the door took Jack from his thoughts as he got up and went to answer it. Once he saw through the peep whole that it was none other than his brother, Shaleef he opened the door to let him in.

“Damn man what took you so long?”

“Sorry I was… coasting. What brings this visit Shaleef?”

“Oh nothing I wanted to see my little brother.”


“And tell him about the fact that I just got through screwing my baby mother.”

“Oh God why? I thought you said you where just friends?”

“Well we are it just happened you know. She was there looking so good and we got to talking and next thing I know I’m fucking her doggy-style.”

“Please tell me you used a condom.”

“Yes of coarse I did. Don’t get all worked up over it. She isn’t seeing anybody and isn’t married so my situation is nothing like yours with Almira so it’s true that Ishmael knows the boys are not his?”

“Yes, he knows and we have not problems with each other.”

“You may not have any problems but I’m sure Almira’s got plenty.”

“I wouldn’t say I don’t have any problems. Almira has been bugging me ever since we caught in bed with Jessica and the butler.”

“Oh shit! The butler…who fucks the butler?”

“She does apparently but back to you…so what are you planning on doing about it?”

“I don’t know. I guess this was just another one time thing. I’ll probably go see her tomorrow and she act like it didn’t happen. I think I should keep it as it was before. We should be just friends cause I don’t want to confuse the kid you know. We apart all this time then we together then we break apart again. That wouldn’t be right.”

“Hmm do what ever you like.” Jack said to his brother.

“What do you mean do what every you like? You should be the one to tell me that I’m right because of your situation. You should have more to say then ‘Do what every you like.’ What’s wrong with you? You sick?”

“No just a lot on my mind. My life have been pretty eventful for the past few weeks, saving JMC, dealing his Almira and screw the head of the competition…”

“By screwing the head of the competition you mean taking some business from them or the fucky kinda screw?” Shaleef asked Jack.

“I fucked her a few times.”

“It had to be good because you fucked her more than once or twice.”

“Yeah the shit was off the chain so to speak. It was so good when she went on vacation to the Bahamas. I followed her there and we spent the weekend together.” Jack admitted to his brother.

“You did what?! Oh OH Oh noooo please tell me that this is a joke. Black come one man you falling for a woman who happens to head the competition?”

“No I’m not in love with her but there just something about her that keeps attracting her to me. I don’t know what it is.”

“Is she older than you?”

“Why yes, she is seven yeas older than me in fact.”

“I know what’s attracting you. It’s that seasoned pussy. That seasoned pussy is what got you into the Ishmael mess now it’s going to get you into another mess. Jack you know you have to be careful of the seasoned pussy man. Why just look at Usher. That seasoned pussy took his ass for a spin.” Jack began to chuckle. Only his brother could come up with something like that.

“Shaleef…I promise not to end up like Usher if that is what you implying.”

“You better not. The last thing you need is another fucked marriage and two more kids. Besides mother would not be thrilled about that and that would mean her going to me to go to you to go to her to go together to talk sense into you. It would just be a big waste of time.”

“Thanks I’ll keep that in mind.”

“So are you going to see her again?” Shaleef ask him. Jack sat back with a smirk.

It was about 4 in the morning and Jack was curled up with Kay beside him in his bed. She was the first woman he has ever allowed to sleep with him in his bedroom. After his divorce from Almira Jack made a promise to himself. All of his conquests would never go to his apartments. All the fucking would be at their place or at a hotel. He didn’t want any woman at the time involved in his life. He figured that they were there to fuck and that all but this time was different. He had called Kay and invited her to his penthouse and he had entertained her in his living room and fucked her on his couch. Jack reflected back to what she said to him earlier. She told him that she wouldn’t hurt him. It meant a lot to him especially since he had agreed to date therefore entering into a relationship. The last real relationship he was in was with Almira and he couldn’t get the horrors of their marriages out of his head. He looked down at Kay’s sleeping form and stroked her hair. He hoped she would keep her word on this time.

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