Kay ideas for this week

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Ladybass2006 (00:37:36): hey lady
ladylynxxx (00:37:47): Hi! I’m back
Ladybass2006 (00:38:02): yeaa
Ladybass2006 (00:38:14): welll I saw this guy in the train
ladylynxxx (00:38:13): I just watched that vid of the fight in oakland
ladylynxxx (00:38:17): omg
ladylynxxx (00:38:22): it’s on the abc web site
Ladybass2006 (00:38:23): what
ladylynxxx (00:38:34): three women (black) fighting in a salon
Ladybass2006 (00:38:36): there was fight in oakland and
Ladybass2006 (00:38:39): hahaha
ladylynxxx (00:38:39): 2 ganged up on 1
Ladybass2006 (00:38:51): that sounds so funny
ladylynxxx (00:38:53): http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=6858547
Ladybass2006 (00:39:06): so you want e to watch that foolishness
ladylynxxx (00:39:17): It’s actually quite sad
Ladybass2006 (00:39:21): any I saw this giy on the train
Ladybass2006 (00:39:24): guy
ladylynxxx (00:39:26): yeah
Ladybass2006 (00:39:43): talk dark skin guy wih a suit on and you know
ladylynxxx (00:39:49): umm hmm
Ladybass2006 (00:40:00): I thought you would would like him if you saw him
Ladybass2006 (00:40:14): I was like that’s her right that…
ladylynxxx (00:40:25): lol
ladylynxxx (00:40:27): why?
Ladybass2006 (00:41:05): Since you like them like and he looked like he had the muscles and everything he was nice looking but from what you told me you like he seemed to be somebody you would try to flirt with
ladylynxxx (00:41:21): Ha ha…don’t forget
Ladybass2006 (00:41:37): oh and last night I was on craigslist—–son’t forget what
ladylynxxx (00:41:39): I’ve broaded my horizions a bit
Ladybass2006 (00:41:46): hahaha] ladylynxxx (00:41:46): what did you see on cl
Ladybass2006 (00:42:14): oh I went to see what the personal section of the site was about I was looking for some laughs and I got more than that
ladylynxxx (00:42:26): Its really funny
Ladybass2006 (00:42:28): I got some great lines from some og the guys who post there
ladylynxxx (00:42:33): men post pics of their dicks
ladylynxxx (00:42:37): some are nice too
Ladybass2006 (00:42:42): I mena shit I couldn’t make up
ladylynxxx (00:42:46): what lines?
Ladybass2006 (00:43:02): yes I saw some nices dicks too but that another story
Ladybass2006 (00:43:24): they ahve some call missed connections and some of the goys wrote some good stuff
Ladybass2006 (00:43:44): guys wrote some good stuff
Ladybass2006 (00:44:00): but the funny posts where the guys trying to get laid
Ladybass2006 (00:44:26): or get someone to go out with them and I was like I could use some of this for Shaleef
ladylynxxx (00:44:50): oohj
Ladybass2006 (00:45:14): I didn’t know Craigslist was so full of ideas
Ladybass2006 (00:45:29): the get laid post were funny as hell
Ladybass2006 (00:46:00): one guy was trying get women to sell there dirty panties
Ladybass2006 (00:46:07): oh it was soo funny
Ladybass2006 (00:46:24): oh and the doms where good too
Ladybass2006 (00:46:38): I was like Kay would fina a lot of customers here
ladylynxxx (00:47:48): oh yeah she would
ladylynxxx (00:48:00): that’s where Maria started off tho
ladylynxxx (00:48:06): on Craigslist!

Ladybass2006 (00:48:21): hahahahaa
Ladybass2006 (00:48:37): Maria Maria
Ladybass2006 (00:48:48): sooo what’s going ton with Kay this week
ladylynxxx (00:49:51): Not sure yet and I am tired as hell!

ladylynxxx (00:50:03): Okay I know she is gonna get Troy to meet Jack
Ladybass2006 (00:50:08): are you know
ladylynxxx (00:50:24): Jack will talk a little about the abuse and how he don’t trust women
Ladybass2006 (00:50:34): you said she was going to tell him her real name
ladylynxxx (00:50:44): Oh yeah I did! Thx! Kay talks about how to conceal their relarionship
ladylynxxx (00:50:49): from work colleauges
ladylynxxx (00:50:54): cos they are rivals
ladylynxxx (00:50:57): in a way
ladylynxxx (00:51:09): but they make an agreement never to go for
Ladybass2006 (00:51:11): hahah conceal
ladylynxxx (00:51:20): each other’s clients
Ladybass2006 (00:51:30): ok
ladylynxxx (00:51:29): what’s so funny about conceal?
Ladybass2006 (00:51:39): a madea joke
ladylynxxx (00:51:42): lol
Ladybass2006 (00:51:54): sorry you said that and it brought it back
Ladybass2006 (00:52:12): none of my weapons are from conceal
Ladybass2006 (00:52:16): joke
ladylynxxx (00:52:35): lol
Ladybass2006 (00:52:37): anyway back to the story
Ladybass2006 (00:53:20): so they make the agreement and
ladylynxxx (00:54:02): so they won’t try to steal each other’s accounts or jeapodize each other’s jobs
ladylynxxx (00:54:09): But Jim may have to go
ladylynxxx (00:54:15): now that Kay can influnce Jack
Ladybass2006 (00:54:49): haha
Ladybass2006 (00:55:02): jim the crakc head crack head jim!
ladylynxxx (00:55:07): lol
ladylynxxx (00:55:15): yeah crack head jim!
Ladybass2006 (00:55:46): so making it so Kay can influence Jack
ladylynxxx (00:56:03): yeah but not too much] Ladybass2006 (00:56:18): not as much as Almira did
Ladybass2006 (00:57:05): hmmm
Ladybass2006 (00:57:37): and he is going to tell her about a little about the abuse
Ladybass2006 (00:57:44): how much is alittle
ladylynxxx (00:58:04): like how he was influnced by Almira cos she was older than him
Ladybass2006 (00:58:18): and
ladylynxxx (00:58:17): and Kay will talk about how she felt betrayed by Frank
ladylynxxx (00:58:19): socouldn
ladylynxxx (00:58:22): ‘t
ladylynxxx (00:58:29): trust a man for a long time
ladylynxxx (00:58:37): Jack is a special one
Ladybass2006 (00:58:54): I know Jack is special I created him.
ladylynxxx (00:59:09): lol
Ladybass2006 (00:59:44): so he is just goign to tell her about Almira’s influece on him because she was 5 years older then him
Ladybass2006 (01:00:05): how is that going to go–just would like to know so I can make my suggestions as usual
Ladybass2006 (01:00:24): to make sure you get it right andI can say well done
ladylynxxx (01:00:26): ha ha
ladylynxxx (01:00:32): whatever!
ladylynxxx (01:00:34): LOL!
ladylynxxx (01:00:42): Yeah some more than that and how
ladylynxxx (01:00:49): he had repressed anger issues
ladylynxxx (01:00:58): how many kids did they have again?
Ladybass2006 (01:01:09): well your the one who said you value my opinion
Ladybass2006 (01:01:47): they have a total of 5 including Horace and Jacob
ladylynxxx (01:02:01): woo
ladylynxxx (01:02:09): over how many years?
ladylynxxx (01:02:18): ages, names…sexes pleace
Ladybass2006 (01:04:34): ok here we go The oldest is a boy He should be 19 and he has a twin sister she is the same age theeir names are I don’t know give me a minute
ladylynxxx (01:05:11): see you should have thought about all this
Ladybass2006 (01:05:22): yeah yeah
Ladybass2006 (01:05:28): go make me some dinner
Ladybass2006 (01:05:32): while I think
ladylynxxx (01:05:35): lol
Ladybass2006 (01:05:49): just preparing you for married life
ladylynxxx (01:06:35): then in that case I would have had your dinner ready and would be putting yo
ladylynxxx (01:06:39): in front of the tv
ladylynxxx (01:06:43): by now
Ladybass2006 (01:07:04): sure you would
Ladybass2006 (01:07:14): took you long enough to come up with a comeback
Ladybass2006 (01:09:22): ok let’s make this simple Boy let’s say American name is Jack Jr. I’m lookin for th arabic one I like but can’t find it
Ladybass2006 (01:10:36): the girl his sister Grace
ladylynxxx (01:10:48): so two sets of twins?
Ladybass2006 (01:10:57): I’ll tell you teh arabic naems later the one I like can;t find
Ladybass2006 (01:11:02): yeah
ladylynxxx (01:11:03): k
ladylynxxx (01:11:07): and the third child?
ladylynxxx (01:12:08): ok my eyes are starting to fall
ladylynxxx (01:12:16): need sleep so will chat tomorrow
Ladybass2006 (01:12:18): That a girl she is 18—
ladylynxxx (01:12:22): its the weekend!
Ladybass2006 (01:12:23): HAAHA
ladylynxxx (01:12:23): h
ladylynxxx (01:12:23): ok
Ladybass2006 (01:12:28): it is
ladylynxxx (01:12:45): so 2 twins, boy and girl, girl, and two boys
Ladybass2006 (01:12:57): Sharlene is that how you spell it
Ladybass2006 (01:13:06): I ahve no clue I jope I spelled it right
Ladybass2006 (01:13:14): yeah
ladylynxxx (01:13:19): Grace, Jack Jr, Charlene, Horace and Jacob?
Ladybass2006 (01:13:25): yeah
ladylynxxx (01:13:28): Dayumn that is a big fam
ladylynxxx (01:13:31): ok
ladylynxxx (01:13:39): gonna copy this so I don’t forhet
ladylynxxx (01:13:41): then sleep
Ladybass2006 (01:13:44): nig your the one who wants 20 kids
Ladybass2006 (01:13:50): ok lady
Ladybass2006 (01:14:04): so he is not going to tell her about teh hitting from her or her father
Ladybass2006 (01:14:52): or that he was married at 15
ladylynxxx (01:15:01): he will
ladylynxxx (01:15:06): a little bit
ladylynxxx (01:15:14): but not too many details
ladylynxxx (01:15:17): they will come latere
Ladybass2006 (01:15:24): ok I’;m sure she will want to aske alot of qwuestions
ladylynxxx (01:15:25): and I cant write that much
Ladybass2006 (01:15:53): but he should not be willing to share that much of it It’s not something he likes to talk about at all
Ladybass2006 (01:16:25): So it will be something once she really pries it out of him
ladylynxxx (01:16:32): exactly
Ladybass2006 (01:16:55): oh and how do you think he should react once he finds out about her dom thing
ladylynxxx (01:17:04): a little shocked
ladylynxxx (01:17:09): but he can handle it
ladylynxxx (01:17:19): but he will proably want her to sto
ladylynxxx (01:17:25): but he wont find out this week
Ladybass2006 (01:17:32): yeah I know
ladylynxxx (01:17:34): k
Ladybass2006 (01:17:51): a little shocked well with a name like Klymaxx what do you expect
Ladybass2006 (01:18:01): Klymaxx condoms
ladylynxxx (01:18:06): h ah ahha
Ladybass2006 (01:18:08): that might be a good idea
ladylynxxx (01:18:21): I am going to sleep now
ladylynxxx (01:18:25): locking off

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