Every team longs for an NBA championship. I mean afterall that’s what they get paid millions of dollars for.

The Lakers have been a favorite from the start of the season & tonight they proved why they’re number one. Under the leadership of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers breezed by each of their opponents. Making each victory look like a piece of cake.

Basketball isn’t my choice sport to watch, however the playoffs are where you find out what a team is made of. This series however, could have very well went to Orlando, but they allowed the Lake show to show out!

I route for the underdog in most situations, & I would have loved to see Dwight Howard & his magic go to full term of seven games. I will save my shoulda coulda woulda’s for next season, because Orlando just wasn’t tough enough to survive the potency of the Black Mamba’s venomous bite. I often wonder how the series would’ve panned out had Kobe went against Lebron?

Anywho, congratulations goes out to the 2009 NBA Champs, the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the 15th franchise championship for the Lakers. Phil Jackson & his team deserves it! Now Kobe can enjoy his fourth ring & his free trip to Disney World courtesy of the Orlando Magic!

Los Angeles Lakers is where AMAZING happens!!
LA Lakers 99, Orlando 86

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