Ladies why do we do this???

Laser Hair Removal promises a permanent solution to hair removal but like everything else it has its down effects. In my latest post on BDK I inform ladies of the downsides of Laser Treatments like, burns scars etc. Like Plastic Surgery, what you have to understand is whenever there is money to be made people will jump on that money train so like how today we have bad cosmetic surgeons we also have bad Laser removal surgeons with the wrong tools and wrong experience. Do not end up looking like this (pic below) because believe me it is not cute and if anyone did that to my sexy legs I would want to kill them. So to avoid yourself looking like the pic below. Do make sure that

• The clinic is registered with the Healthcare Commission
• The person is a registered Doctor or Nurse
• The risks have been properly explained
• You have thoroughly read through the forms you have to sign
• You take a patch test

I don’t know why we put ourselves through these regimented routines but please if you continue to use laser be informed be safe and look after you Smackalicious Body!!

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