Learn How To Tell if Your Baller Is Cheating!

Late night phone conversations snagged the beginning of that thing called love. His kisses sent chills down your spine and everything that came out of his mouth made you laugh. This Is It! The love of your life, your soul mate; the man you can see yourself waking up to every morning despite his terrible morning breath and the crust between his eyes.

So what happened? Where did It all go wrong? Your Interest still lingers strong but his seem to have died off like the beetles. And now your mind Is wondering and you’re trying to figure out a mystery even Robert Stacks might not even be able to solve. Is It you? Should you have not said what you said the night before about his mother having more facial hair than he does. Or maybe he got turned off when your toe nail nearly put his eye out. Believe me when I say. “It’s much deeper than your imperfections.” The funny thing about love is that your heart sees everything that your eyes refuse to believe. We just choose to ignore it. So lets dissect to see If your mans’ a cheat or If he just might be getting a bit to comfortable with the Idea that you’ll be around forever.

If your man goes out with the fellas and not only does he not answer your phone call but doesn’t call back in within a 10 minute time period, consider that a problem. A man checks his phone approximately every 10 minutes. DON’T BE A FOOL! If every time you check his phone ( and you know you check his phone) and his call log is empty, Consider that a problem as well. You can’t possibly believe that he didn’t make a single phone call throughout the whole entire day. Men know women will do more than just check their phones, we will do call backs with no questions asks. I mean that’s only if you’re a chic with spine.

No more movie nights and a lot less dinner dates? He all of a sudden is in love with his friends? Either he is kissing his buddies or he is kissing his buddies sister, Check on that.

It’s time to see your good old OBGYN. Every year It’s the same cold clamps and a doc who deep down inside, enjoys his job a little more than he should.. As you lay with your legs dangling from the table daydreaming about mothering a child , your doctor trails in wearing a forced smile and the robe of chlamydia! Say farewell to your perfect track record.

Denial is your best friend at this point. Its’ the only thing that seems to make sense right about now. You find yourself trying to justify his stupidity and his Ignorant ways. “Maybe you got it from the toilet seat at, Guam’s Chinese Buffet.” Yeah that’s it! That has to be it. As you struggle with your words, you try to Inform this sexy specimen that he gave you something without really saying “you gave me something” and the first thing out of his mouth is ,”Maybe you got it from the toilet seat at Gaum’s Chinese Buffet.” Need I say more?

Still not convinced, huh? But yet you still drive yourself crazy with the thoughts of your man all hugged up with a curvaceous, 36D hottie who got lips like Angelina Jolie But organs like a dumpster. Get it together ladies, we all play the doormat once or maybe even twice in our lives but don’t let it get to the point where he is wiping his feet on your face.

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