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Make Love To Your Baller! There is a Difference!

Making love is completely different from having sex, in order to make love you must really care about your baller, you must be thinking about him just as much as you are thinking about your self, the common idea of making love is a romantic dinner followed by a candle lit bedroom with rose petals strewn across the floor, this however is not mandatory when it comes to making love. Usually it is advised to keep the dirty words to a minimum and rather tell your baller how much you love them and want to make them happy, there should be lots of delicate kissing involved, which do not have to be aimed exclusively at the mouth, try kissing your baller all over their body, the neck is good. Try and make the experience meaningful and caress all of your ballers body, there should be a lot of communication between partners and concentrate on fulfilling your partners desires rather than your own. Caress your baller, explore every part of his body with your fingertips and learn where the sensitive areas are. Remember, the most important thing is to love your baller and try and do the right thing by them, if you do this then it will all work out.

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