Meek Mill Buys Author Girlfriend A $200k Bentley Coupe

Remember Jasmine D. Thomas? She’s the author of “When A Diva’s Fed Up” and rumored girlfriend of rapper Meek Mill. Some of you guys said she looked like she just snuck into photos with Meek and that her book cover looked like an old Master P mixtape. I don’t remember who said it, but you can go HERE to find out. 

Anyway, Jasmine is on a mission to prove all the naysayers wrong and she’s got the Bentley Coupe to prove it! Jasmine took to her Twitter to show off her new ride that she claims Meek purchased for her. When I say “took to her Twitter” I mean she had an entire iPhone photoshoot then sent us these pics in an email as a “press release”. Oh girl…

Meek, if this is your girl please come get her. This is the second “press release” we’ve received that has nothing to do with anything what so ever. Also please ask her to remove her brand new Bentley from the lawn and act like she’s got some home training. You can’t have a $200,000 car all up in the grass like you live in the projects. Poor dear has been having iPhone photo shoots with that car and $200 Michael Kors bag for at least 10 days now. I understand the excitement but as a girlfriend of a guy with money, you’ve got to act as if you’ve seen nice things before sweetie! 

But I guess, so you know it’s real…

I just want to offer up a little advice. You can’t try so hard, it looks bad. And don’t compare what you have to Beyonce and Jay Z, that looks even worse.

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