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Mia Khalifa Says She Only Made $12,000 As An Adult Film Star; Twitter Reacts

Mia Khalife reveals she only made $12,000 as an adult film star.

Khalifa spent a short time in the porn industry, and during that time the 26-year-old gained millions who continue to view her videos today. Her immediate success as an adult film actress apparently sparked the idea in her fans that she made millions during the brief stint. But now, Khalifa is clarifying that she is not “[raking] in millions” from that work.

The actress tweeted out a link to a recent interview she had with Megan Abbott. Khalifa explained that the rumors, claiming she receives million-dollar checks, were false. “I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that,” she said, adding that finding a “normal job” after leaving the industry was difficult and scary.

Khalifa’s tweet about only making $12,000 created an online conversation about how much money an adult film star should make, whether or not Khalifa is lying and other adult film practices. Social media users shared a wide variety of opinions. One user wrote, “You have 2.7 million followers and are one of the most well-known names/ brands in the industry, you must mean 12K *just* as your shooting fees.. literally no one believes you made 12K off this industry and then not another penny. You’d have to be the worlds worst businessperson.”

Another wrote, “That’s worse than any terrible scumbag music industry deal in the last 20+ years. There should be some sort of stream or porn publishing deal. $1,000 a video???? Damn.”

How much do you think porn stars should get paid?

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