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Musiq knows Relevance with On My Radio…

Some artists try & tinker with their style & sound to gain crossover appeal, while others stay true to their roots & produce solid albums that years from now still have relevance. Musiq has proven to be one of those artists. Stick to what ya know & you’ll produce the same if not better results.

With his 5th studio release, On My Radio filled with a few two-steppin make you wanna do the wop, & some thought provoking emotional tracks, Musiq is guaranteed to be at the top of the charts. Each album he deviates a little from the neo-soul realm & digs deeper into rhythm & blues. On Deserve You More a song that expresses the true downfall of relationships; outside influences & insecurities. He digs deep with the lyrics..“I’m explaining what I’m fighting for, girl there’s no one who deserves you more, so stop subscribing to those crazy thoughts, cause there’s no one who deserves you more.

His sound & lyrics are strictly for the grown & mature clientele. I will admit after hearing the lead single Radio, I was skeptical that the rest of the album would be extremely upbeat. However, he bounced back with If You Leave featuring MJB & more impressive So Beautiful. The album has plenty of hits in which I won’t spoil, but this, like his other are classic albums.

More artists should take note. Give the masses what they want, not just catchy radio singles. Musiq is a soulful individual who I’ve come to appreciate. He’s more than just an on your radio type artist. He has yet to disappoint. As long as he continues to bring REAL music to the world, he’ll never have to worry about fading to black.

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