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Some Folks Really Can’t Handle It
People with sense and my loyal readers know I never entertain foolishness from other sites who decide to talk ish about me and YBF because those “sites” can’t handle what I do. And because I know certain sites are really trying to catch a defamation suit, I’m going to do them a favor and school everyone who is slow to the game of blogging to a couple things. Just because a “source” sends your site information, DOES NOT MEAN you were the only site to receive it. Especially if you’re too lazy to check the CC’d list of all the sites who were sent the info. For example, here’s the cut and pasted e-mail sent to me about the Alicia Keys story.

from *******
to [email protected],
date Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 12:26 AM
subject the real reason why mashonda is leaving swizz beatz

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this is just a post but i know even more facts. akeys is fucked up and a certified homewrecker

LADY JEI Permalink Reply by LADY JEI 1 day ago
Ok, now here’s some info that I am MORE than sure ya’ll have NEVER heard.

I placed about 10 guys to work security at various museums around the city. Well in January, one who was placed in MoMA told me he saw on a Sunday afternoon Swizz Beats and …..ya’ll ready. Alicia Keys all hugged up with hardly any security. Because they were in a roped off part of the museum. I was like dayummmm!!! He said and this wasn’t the first time they had come to the museum on a Sunday.

So when I saw that A Keys was getting married on July 4th, I knew that was some bullshit. LOL!!! And he did produce 2 records for AKeys too. Ummmmmhmmmmm.

But you ain’t heard that from me.

Lady Jei

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And the followup e-mail after I probed for more info:

from ****
to YBF Chic ,
date Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 7:17 PM
subject Re: the real reason why mashonda is leaving swizz beatz

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well, i know she showed up at his bday party back in sept at a vegas nightclub ,with her so called fiance ,krucial but very valuable sources say that when the cameras werent looking she was playing him (swizz) very close, and krucial actually sat alone while swizz and alicia partied together. alicia knows mashonda they were signed to the same record label and she knows they just had a baby together, shes just reckless. swizz is no better but hes obviously star strucked. he even went on tour with her last month to france and of her roade reported seeing them in restaurants and hotels. mashonda has been there from day one i remember vibe saying she slept on the floor with him before he made it. i also know women that akeys use to fuck with , so i guess shes just confused and that explains her recklessness. ill keep u posted, this is just a shame for the black husband and father, the baby was only 8months old when this started.

Why did the story posted here seem like it was word for word from multiple other sites (and many of which posted the story after I did)? Because the exact same e-mail was sent to each site. *Gasp* Shocker. It happens often, trust. But I’m sure you’re too busy being mad right now to post up that same e-mail that hit your inbox as well. Or actually-don’t. I’m sure it helps your royal wackness sleep at night thinking that you’re indeed wack and not even on people’s radars only because YBF is stealing stories from you. Really though, save that ish talking for other sites who truely do cut and paste from other sites and have no problem doing so. If you’re going to talk ish at least say something you can’t be easily poven wrong about. Next time don’t be b*tchass and approach me about first and I can save you some embarrassment. But I guess b*itching and moaning in a post on your site without man’ing up and coming to me directly first will lend you 10 more readers. So I’m not mad. I do find it funny that everyone knows who those certain people are but instead, sites (who have been here long before 95% of these other “black entertainment sites”) want to accuse the other sites who are NOT “stealing” anything. A lack of common sense and the quickness to accuse both show how mad certain people are at themselves for not getting the shine they really want. So there. I hope I helped you get a few more readers by entertaining this. It’s the least I could do. I know certain folks are throwing up on themselves right now just mad because they can’t handle this. Feel free to send me a birthday present tomorrow as a Thank You. And thanks for the free publicity.



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