Nelly Hit With New Sexual Assault Lawsuit; Girlfriend Also Sued For Defamation

Nelly has been slapped with a new lawsuit over claims of sexual assault – this time by a woman identified only as Jane Doe. 

Just two months after the rapper settled with another woman, who claimed he raped her in Seattle, Doe, who accused Nelly of sexual assault back in February, has officially filed a lawsuit over the alleged incident. 

According to The Blast, Doe claimed the rapper masturbated in front of her several times back in 2017 after one of his shows in England. In the docs, the woman said the two met at a meet-and-greet, where he asked her to stay behind with him. He then invited her and her friends to join him in his dressing room, before he invited Doe to join him in a smaller room next door. 

Though she obliged, that’s when things took a turn for the worse, as she claimed he then dropped his drawers and began masturbating, asking, “You want this d*ck don’t you.” However, in her attempt to reject his advances, she said she informed the rapper of her spouse and kids, to which he claimed, “that didn’t matter,” as he continued to pursue her.

“Jane Doe is 4’11 and petite. As he approached her she tried to move back, but there was nowhere she could go,” the lawsuit said of the incident. “He dropped his trousers and said he really wanted her. Defendant Nelly began to masturbate again. He told her she wanted him. Jane Doe repeated she did not. Defendant Nelly tried to kiss Jane Doe – two times. He said he wanted ‘to come in your mouth and all over you.’ Jane Doe continued to evade and refuse him.” 

“Defendant Nelly then grabbed Jane Doe’s hand and placed it on his penis,” the lawsuit continued, explaining she then pulled away and proceeded to curse the rapper out. However, according to the suit, the rejection was not taken lightly, as Nelly then reportedly clenched his fists and changed his demeanor. 

“He got a look on his face that scared Jane Doe. She looked around and didn’t know how to get out of the room. She said, ‘Are you going to hit me?’ He responded, ‘No I’m just frustrated, I’m not used to not getting my way, just do it,” just before he reportedly forced his penis in Doe’s mouth.

Fortunately, Doe was able to “scramble out of the room,” but just as she gathered her friends to leave for good, she said Nelly stopped her and said, “I will find you.” 

Now, as a result of the incident, she is suing for unspecified damages. In fact, she has also added Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, to the suit for defamation, over her claims on social media – suggesting Nelly’s accusers were lying.

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