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NFL Week 17 Recap – Playoff Contention, Wild Card, and Scores 

In the final week of the NFL regular season, some teams faced off for playoff contention, while others took the field to simply finish out their season.

In the Sunday’s matchups, the Lions beat the Packers, 35-11 and the Vikings beat the Bears 23-10. The Colts beat the Texans, 22-13 and the Steelers beat the Browns, 28-24.

The Patriots demolished the Jets, 26-6, and the Giants pulled out one more win against its division rivals. The team defeated the Redskins, 18-10. The Cowboys managed to pull out a win against division rivals as well, defeating the Eagles 6-0.

However, the Jaguars fell to the Titans, 15-10, and the Dolphins lost to the Bills, 22-16. The Bengals beat the Ravens, 31-27, which catapulted the Buffalo Bills into playoff contention. The Chargers beat the Raiders, 30-10 and the Cardinals beat the Seahawks, 26-24.

The 49ers defeated the Rams, 34-13 and the Falcons beat the Panthers, 22-10. The Chiefs overcame the Broncos, 27-24 and the Buccaneers beat the Saints, 31-24.

Although the season is officially over, eight teams will match up in a Wild Card round this weekend. The Titans will face off against the Chiefs for a playoff spot, while the Falcons will match up with the Rams, the Bills with the Jaguars and the Panthers with the Saints. Who you got?

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